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Last updated on Thu Apr 18, 18:38 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
PRPOin here .45 eomstormcat8 hrs ago
PRPO.50 nhod here .45 huge volume here eomstormcat8 hrs ago
PRPOgoing.... eomamdolan2 days ago
AFHUMMMHELLO!+++++: Congrats All IN&LOADING,Plenty of time and chart just a thing of beauty! Very...T1aris3 hrs ago
DCARpopping eomacinvestorblog4 hrs ago
PRPOAdds former UNH global exec to team. Bastionofhope9 hrs ago
AFHHAS-$3.54-CASH: Re: Again! Almost Definite runner here about to go! NO ONE NOTICING @ $1.40sleadform3 hrs ago
OTLKRe: large buyers. Volume twice average. EOD run imhoLooks more like large sel...Burleigh653 hrs ago
PRPOOUTSTANDING: Steaks to MsG for a great call.... eomamdolan2 days ago
ZOOM.PK: .005 to $6 because millennial geniuses think it's the ZM ipo lmao,,, eomscorcher6 hrs ago
APHBMERGER: CJ3.....APHB merger partner next week...Red hot in private sector.leadform28 hrs ago
Sometimes, science fails to see the tree for the forest. Statistical signific...efbailey2 days ago
ZOOMNOT-ZM-ZOOM!!: Flying on apparent confusion with todays ZOOM IPO - ticker ZM!! Short em if y...EPR531678 hrs ago
Barr doing a media campaign tomorrow is disgusting and a stain on our countr...HARLUM20 hrs ago
APHBMERGER: Re: Magician right again APHB pre-merger run underway like 400% VTL moveleadform27 hrs ago
AFHABOUT2GO_BIG+++: Tap 1.55&she is going Parabolic!Watch L2 dance here in a bit!Chart squeezing ...T1aris3 hrs ago
GOLDRe: Venezuela Sells ..China printed $1 trillion and gold went down, perfectl...ramaji31 hrs ago
APHBMERGER: Short volume 47%: Squeeze into merger next week with red hot CJ3 Thera eomleadform6 hrs ago
ZKINRe: Sad.. maybe if earnings,,pump with news and heavily dilute,,optt trnx sty...scorcher31 hrs ago
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzville eomtheMagician6 hrs ago
VXRTLong VXRT for a bounce. SCHEDULE 13G BML Investment Partners, L.P. reporte...acinvestorblog28 hrs ago
TRNX$100 MILLION SHELF >> SCAMOLA technologies formerly known as MNGA!jianwei2 days ago
PRPOOUTSTANDING: Re: Steaks to MsG for a great call....theMagician2 days ago
UXIN50MSHSOLDYEST: Re: UXIN=broker go short says.theclipper3 hrs ago
UXINRe: $3.50 oxblast!!! china fire 19%%%!! eomkrueger6 hrs ago
WOW: The obstruction of justice section of the report references both impeachment ...HARLUM6 hrs ago
PRPOBREAKOUTOUTYEAR: PRPO Followed Magician Has a $20 target. Price to target best in market. ...msgreenacres2 days ago
not that it matters but Mueller could not clear Trump of a crime: if we had ...HARLUM7 hrs ago
PRPOBREAKINGOUT: PRPO Presents a decent set-up. Currently double bounce on daily. Break .60 wi...msgreenacres2 days ago
Screw the report this guy can do no wrong in Republicans eye doesnt matter wh...HARLUM43 hrs ago
PTIpti still trading way below cash here eomhunter12 days ago
HAHAHA: Carl's Jr. will test a CBD-infused burgerefbailey33 hrs ago
DXRStill holding this thin name. Good looking chart for a nice rally at this poi...acinvestorblog27 hrs ago
CLDCLDP: No bankruptcy for Cloud Peakdigitaltrader33 hrs ago
This president is such a failure he has decided to be the President of his ba...HARLUM43 hrs ago
just scroll through twitter comments Re: What in all of history would ever ma...Faithalone47 hrs ago
PHUN: Going back to 5 that it likes! eomamdolan27 hrs ago
PRPOBREAKING_OUT: PRPO .67 break sends us to the 2 yr. monthly chart, which moves in dollars....msgreenacres2 days ago
RIOTRe: again not sure what that has to do with SGRP ??? Re: Riot blockchain the...pmony7 hrs ago
WHAT_A_JOKE: Chris Wallace of Fox News Said This:HARLUM8 hrs ago
RWLKboth RNN RWLK acting like a "wainrighting" is coming eomtheMagician2 days ago
SGRPRe: insane has 7 Mill Cash & 46 Mill accts receivable $8.6 Mill accts payable...pmony2 days ago
MERGER: Re: Magician right again APHB pre-merger run underway like 400% VTL moveleadform2 days ago
USOgas over $4 here in Cali, thk god theres no inflation though! eomramaji30 hrs ago
SAEXThere goes SAEX could squeeze into the close !! eomacinvestorblog2 days ago
SAEXon high alert following Oil momentum. This low floater tends to rally and fas...acinvestorblog2 days ago
DXRholding my position. Due to its low float, we need to wait. Chart is clear. T...acinvestorblog2 days ago
OILTurkey denies reports on transfer of ISIS fighters to Libyagargoyle31 hrs ago
Have more faith in humanity . eomHARLUM2 days ago
RIOTRe: again not sure what that has to do with SGRP ??? Re: Riot blockchain the...theclipper8 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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