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Last updated on Sat Jun 24, 01:18 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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FALCany vol and it sees .50's, thinner than MARA ANY etc.......Re: next naz .20 r...ryanh38 hrs ago
FHthere she goeeeessss !!! eomacinvestorblog35 hrs ago
CXRXRe: Perella is the king on buyout...did my dd earlier and saw brain...holland552 days ago
FHis poised for an impressive breakout to the upside. Look at the accumulation ...acinvestorblog36 hrs ago
FH$FH Come on! eomKauna2 days ago
loaded up at $1.34...50DMA is $1.41atsignal15 hrs ago
GLOWGLOW add on repeat romper pennies for move back to 40c eomtheMagician39 hrs ago
FH$ How sweet it is! eomKauna35 hrs ago
CXRXRe: Any guesses on a timetable here Lion?...Re: Perella is the king on buyout...Lionmaster2 days ago
CXRXNuts to short a positive earnings stock and $1B revenues. eomLionmaster14 hrs ago
IBBIBB big time breakout last couple days - speculative money is moving back int...theMagician2 days ago
My Watchlist for Friday, June 23 acinvestorblog31 hrs ago
SICKETF: Get long or short CURE +++ GOP health care bill won't pass the Senate. eomhokk12416 hrs ago
DMRCNo shares to be had, nobody is selling!!! eomjasondodge14 hrs ago
IPDNSHELL_GAME: Hoping this CHISCAM gets to $3 before Nasdaq halts it like WINS. eomjianwei14 hrs ago
CXRXWe are all trying to be experts like you here. Still short DMRC?Re: Concordia...Stockguy8914 hrs ago
DRYSRe: LOL down 25% already,,r/s solely for kalani to dump the $120m faster,,, eomscorcher37 hrs ago
DRYSWINS is halted for 2 weeks and this still trades. Regulatory failure. eomhedgefundmgr37 hrs ago
NAKR-U-KIDDING- ME: Re: CEO just upgraded amount of Gold .. don't ride in their chopper! eombucyrus13 hrs ago
DON'TMESSWKRUEG: ps I would never trade against Krueger; he is a force to be reckoned with. ...msgreenacres14 hrs ago
CXRXRe: Sam is a great trader and his input is greatly valued around here. His DD...hedgefundmgr13 hrs ago
DRYS GBSN TOPS highway robberies. eomLionmaster10 hrs ago
CXRXVery strong bullraid to continue tomorrow looking great here. We are in 1st i...Lionmaster2 days ago
CXRXRe: Okay, who's the yahoo...19,000 now, it will go away soon.... eomholland552 days ago
TOPSGBSN_WORST: Re: yes hands down the BIGGEST POS I've seen in 20 yearssmokeeater1111 hrs ago
WLBOVERSOLD: Looking for ba reversal... On heavy watch low RSI eomiaguy5213615 hrs ago
WARRANTS.: Here is where you find Canadian listed warrants. Updates every week.Arctec14 hrs ago
CXRX$1.49 ask. This is a $1.30 Earnings per share stock projected for 2018. Easy ...Lionmaster35 hrs ago
CXRXRe: Any guesses on a timetable here Lion?...Re: Perella is the king on buyout...Lionmaster2 days ago
That's what I thought....If Krueg puts out an Ox Call....get out of the way o...msgreenacres13 hrs ago
CXRXNVDQ: Perella got NVDQ huge buyout another biotech device type firm. And got them 1...Lionmaster2 days ago
WARRANTS.: Re: Here is where you find Canadian listed warrants. Updates every week.GavinNorth14 hrs ago
CXRXPerella is the king on buyout strategic planning. Google this company. They a...Lionmaster2 days ago
ORIGTIC_TIC: Re: $ORIG $LODE only 2 stocks left under 20c, every other one has popped 50-1...scorcher36 hrs ago
MTBCRe: $4 oxcharge!!! Watch this one guys and gals!!GREAT CALLkrueger13 hrs ago
Re: 212% dividend yield $20/cash lol maybe this has a crazy bounce next week ...moltenlava11 hrs ago
AVEOBEAUTIFUL_LONG: AVEO Way to stay with the trade Rocket! So Happy for you! Steaks Sent eommsgreenacres17 hrs ago
AVEO70% >Re: 51% > Re: 44% > Re: Approval? Up 36% eomrocket16 hrs ago
NOKI think we need a week or two more of consolidation before the next leg highe...michaelstanley19 hrs ago
NVDANasdaq futures are looking very very green, we should see $161 today. eomfidelgeorge19 hrs ago
VUZIGlasses WILL IMMEDIATELY CALL VUZI and place an order. Vuzi gets 1% of the mk...Everd17 hrs ago
VUZIGreat find Onestop! I love Googles 3rd attempt at glass. Any Fortune 500 Comp...Everd17 hrs ago
OHRPOHR PHARM Reports........................nazim15 hrs ago
RXIIEye on eomrocket17 hrs ago
CVGW$CVGW (CVGW) Calavo Growers stock back to 69.16 double support w/ bullish sta...StockConsultant17 hrs ago
COSToutside the bolli's. maybe a bounce soon. extended off of short term ma's.ninjaninja17 hrs ago
AVEO51% > Re: 44% > Re: Approval? Up 36% eomrocket17 hrs ago
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