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Last updated on Mon Aug 10, 06:40 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
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Re: How to defeat coronatrendtn14 hrs ago
If it turns out he exposes child trafficking and pedophile on a global scale ...ilikemoney12 hrs ago
Black Flag live 79 White Minority & Depression. Clip from the Decline of West...efbailey33 hrs ago
Re: Sweden Has Become the Worlds Cautionary Tale? According to whose value ju...trendtn13 hrs ago
Re: How to defeat coronadeaconmike14 hrs ago
TWTRBID-WAR: Twitter 'is in talks to buy TikTok' in bid against Microsoft - as the Chinese...singhtelecom27 hrs ago
GSXMYGOODNESS : If thats not a Technical Reversal Day then Ive never seen one. eomEPR531672 days ago
TRVNRe: Wow, popped 50%, probably more on Monday >> i think so only back to level...efbailey2 days ago
Re: How to defeat coronadeaconmike14 hrs ago
GRPNOPPORTUNITY : Aug28 $18/Puts down -84.60% to 63 cents per contract on tap for next week eomCASHRICHFIELD2 days ago
JMIARe: 5 days until earnings, Ive had a couple great ones and couple bad ones, I...gokey4ev2 days ago
SSTIShotSpotter higher on earnings beat with revenue up 10% Y/Y blacksheep2 days ago
Solid READ: Republicans in Ohio organizing to free the country of Trump. He...franconia8 hrs ago
LGHLBOUT2BLOWUP?!: A $4 break and she could do some serious wilding eomEPR531672 days ago
KODKSEC: $14.75 securities fraud bagpile slammer.smokeeater112 days ago
isnt much he can do to win. Hes a aristocrat and at his every whim has been n...gooofy27 hrs ago
SRNEI'd love to close over $15 has a chance!................... eommoltenlava2 days ago
SRNERe: another All Time High here, I am so loaded here, but I too would have add...dmccoy2 days ago
Just read this about Sweden & the virus. They never shut the country down,deaconmike18 hrs ago
Words posted on twitter that I agree withdeaconmike20 hrs ago
The H1N1 virus that emerged in 2009 continues to circulate as a seasonal flu ...rocket15 hrs ago
HENRY_ROLLINS: Re: Black Flag live 79 White Minority & Depression. Clip from the Decline of ...mellowrk31 hrs ago
Re: Cases: 5,095,524 (+63,246), Deaths: 164,094 (+1,290), Tests: 63.9 million...Bender2445 hrs ago
JMIA5 days until earnings, Ive had a couple great ones and couple bad ones, Id sa...alfie2 days ago
Another installment of: This is what the left is voting fordeaconmike2 days ago
SPYRe: Social Security projected to go broke by 2029 under trumps new excutive o...tmorr5531 hrs ago
the left starting to get their approved talking points individual t...Faithalone16 hrs ago
CARVHERD!!!!: $9 oxcharge!!! 30%%%!! eomkrueger2 days ago
Dementia? Trump was required to be tested and he bragged about passing a tes...franconia37 hrs ago
I definitely can't unsee this now.Bender2419 hrs ago
OPGNVolume surge eomCASHRICHFIELD2 days ago
HENRY_ROLLINS: Re: Black Flag live 79 White Minority & Depression. Clip from the Decline of ...mellowrk12 hrs ago
UPS36X =( Re: UPS Aug 7 2020 150 Call (Weekly) .18 eomninjaninja2 days ago
GSXWow massive bear raid on this bloater..maybe now small cap china schoolers ca...rasputin2 days ago
China Seals Off Villages After Bubonic Plague Deathsgargoyle13 hrs ago
SRNEBack over 14 eomjonnyb2 days ago
AYXBuying the AYX dip on Monday..Great earnings and a major hit on friday eomsaba200517 hrs ago
Beirut explosions stoke fears of coronavirus spike as hospitals are overwhelm...gargoyle2 days ago
Trumps EO for payroll holiday. The worst idea crafted the poorest I can ever ...ilikemoney14 hrs ago
SRNERe: Back over 14dmccoy2 days ago
KObought $50 calls Aug 21 @ .09-.10; Sept 18 @ .41; Oct 16 @ .76 eomFaithalone2 days ago
Weekly...nickthetrader13 hrs ago
WKEYEV&DRONES: WKEY @ $10.50: Terrific volume now....Strong close & AHs....and big Monday. eomHin52 days ago
COVID: Wacky name now it's below where it was when the news hit lol I'll give it ano...moltenlava2 days ago
TRMPZERO_IMMUNITY: A New York judge knocked down President Donald Trump's bid to delay a lawsuit...Beacher2 days ago
CEMIAwful report eompedley2 days ago
Re: Fake news CNN and MSDNC who's the real RACIST? >> Dementia Joe Biden perh...geezerman2 days ago
KODKGovernment deal on verge of collapse:alectric37 hrs ago
TFFPWas reading through $GILD Q2 20' earnings transcript:pedley2 days ago
Hey guys, I know I am new here but I thought this was a stock messaging board...mrTim2 days ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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