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Last updated on Thu Jun 21, 04:35 ET

50 most endorsed messages in the last 72 hours from forums.

50 Most Endorsed Messages
SymbolMessage Preview/SubjectAuthorTimePopularity
TVIXFUGLEY: Holy Batman its a sea of RED out there ... eomstormcat47 hrs ago
HMNY.30 dumper news,,,1:250 r/s and o/s to 2 billion love teddy & mitch and near ...scorcher34 hrs ago
Re: No, Donald Trumps separation of immigrant families was not Barack Obamas ...lemoyati17 hrs ago
CLPS10.29 only 300k shares exercised on the over-allotment...shorts in for a nast...SunTzu7722 days ago
CADCRe: 2.98 was a big break...imho my early DD will be chased soon enough.SunTzu77217 hrs ago
Trump threatens additional $400 billion in tariffs against Chinahokk12442 hrs ago
DSWL@$3.38: Re: Started breakout late Friday. Lo-float, profitable, divvy. China crowd la...stormcat2 days ago
HMNYRe: Hmmm, I smell a leak.>> proxy for r/s up to 1/250 + increase o/s to 2bill...efbailey35 hrs ago
CLPSRe: 14.50 CLPS Incorporation Releases Chairman's Letter to the Company's Sha...SunTzu77218 hrs ago
Markets off the lows and nothing moving...typical market as of late. eomBurleigh6538 hrs ago
Agree, shorts need supersqueezed first,,,Re: too many shorts everywhere for a...Jackal41 hrs ago
IWMQQQ: new all time highs today. qqq within earshot of new highs as well. Re: lol. ...luvb2b18 hrs ago
HMNYre: HMNY @BagholderQuotes should have a field day with this >> proxy for r/s ...rasputin33 hrs ago
GEVORe: Wow up 300% near $14 maybe this squeezes to $40 like USU...?moltenlava41 hrs ago
GEVOfiling:m4e10 hrs ago
CADCRe:U R one of the best stock pickers ive seen .. eomHARLUM17 hrs ago
GEVOOX'ED!: Re: Oh, that's a big one, OXMAN! $22!! OXEN HERD stampeding shorts!!!krueger41 hrs ago
GEVOout 14.49...just like that! Re: in 12.59 wth eomamdolan2 days ago
GEVORe: $10 stampede!!! Whoa Nelly 200%%!!krueger2 days ago
FORDRe: squeezing the "its up so shorting" foolsjaceak14 hrs ago
GEVOOX'ED!: GEVO Shorts are destroyed eommsgreenacres2 days ago
GEVOI have a feeling $19 bagholders are about to be "gevo'd" bigtime,,, eomscorcher14 hrs ago
TEUM@2.60S: Near breakout. The # 1 blockchain & cloud play now. eomleadform2 days ago
GEVO$6 stampede!!! 63%%!!krueger2 days ago
GEVOBlowing up game over for these shorts XSPL Another one shorts going to get ra...BottomofChart2 days ago
TSLATSLA short squeeze afterburners turning on t minus 10..9... eomtheMagician13 hrs ago
PING-PONG: Trump has requested the United States Trade Representative to identify $200 b...Jackal2 days ago
GEVOOX'ED!: Bottoms up!msgreenacres41 hrs ago
CVNAWOW: Unreal - jumped ship a few hours early - hope someone stayed short and cleane...EPR5316716 hrs ago
Re: And now we in cages..... We should check their diapers for dr...seagator518 hrs ago
QQQyes and the qqq is near highs with apple down nearly 7 points from its high. ...luvb2b18 hrs ago
No, Donald Trumps separation of immigrant families was not Barack Obamas poli...holland5517 hrs ago
RUTShort large caps, Long small caps trade is blatantly obvious today.hokk12439 hrs ago
Thankfully EUR/USD recovered somewhat. I cost a few people to lose money last...apmoore40 hrs ago
Just read what Peter Fonda tweeted,,how sad & pathetic people have become eomdeaconmike7 hrs ago
too many shorts everywhere for a TOP TOP even with trade war eomtheMagician41 hrs ago
You know what's ironic?" he said. "It's the same way Barack Obama did it.holland5517 hrs ago
VSARHUGE-DD: Multibagger Potential in 2 years ?? doesn't kill healthy cells in cancersinghtelecom2 days ago
MTSLRe: What news link?? >> Pumped A/H Vexigo's office furniture clearance sale (...jianwei18 hrs ago
HEARRe: $20 wow what a run from March=>Hasn't been waxed yetblacksheep18 hrs ago
LTBRUp .80 > Re: News, up .40 eomrocket20 hrs ago
BLPHBLPH Gapper eommsgreenacres18 hrs ago
LTBRHuh???????Re: Are you watching????? > Re: Matter of time eomrocket20 hrs ago
FOLD2,000 October 19 calls bought in one print for 1.90 eomsinghtelecom20 hrs ago
LTBR$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ > Re: News, up .40 eomrocket20 hrs ago
LTBRNews, up .40 eomrocket20 hrs ago
HJLI: only stock i know that spikes $2 pre, and then opens red eomryanh19 hrs ago
UP-WE-GO: Gartman has turned bearish... eomStockguy8918 hrs ago
SGMOSGMO-Positive outlook! eomTitbit19 hrs ago | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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