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From: Letstrade (Rep: 199)Date: 11/09/2017 16:19
Forum: ProShares Ultra Semiconductors - Msg #1219Thread #673965132 (Rec: 0)
Global Central Banks now hold more then 14 Trillion in assets on there balance sheets

Interest rates manipulated to the max through central banks

given the massive amounts of debt they cant never allow rates to go up

every 1% rise on the US National Debt along cost over 200 Billion dollars a year in higher interest payments

2%=-400 Billion

3%=600 Billion a year

4%=800 Billion a year

5%= 1 Trillion + per year

The higher the Debt goes the Worse this compounding problem becomes

This kind of math is starting to remind me of FANNY MAE and Freddie Mack When i did my DD on them

a simple a 4% loss at the time would have wiped there capital reserves out pretty amazing considering that at the time they was backing like 6 Trillion in mortgages

SO in this case Higher Rates would be a NIGHTMARE as it would most likely Lead to hyperinflation its either the US Goverment defaults or they default through the printing press

either way the math is scarry and getting worse by the day

also the above numbers is even WAY WORSE if we was to do it on a GAAP Basis for US Goverment finances

under GAAP Accounting the US government is running something like a 6 TRILLION Dollar a year deficit

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