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From: maybe (Rep: 84) reply to LowfloatmagicDate: 01/04/2018 22:16
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Re: Global Commodities Surge To Longest Win Streak In History Rising Rates=Very i...

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The money is in the movement, not the direction.

Reply to Lowfloatmagic - Msg #2711119 - 01/04/2018 21:34

Global Commodities Surge To Longest Win Streak In History Rising Rates=Very inflationary\

Even as the Fed "Tightens"

Like i said the Fed Raising interest rates now is VERY INFLATIONARY Given the Math behind the US National Debt

20.5 Trillion in Debt Will be 21 Trillion very soon as the US National debt clock will be spiraling out of control once trump tax cuts goes into effect and revenues falls off a cliff

1% rise in rates Cost 210 Billion more per year

2% Rise in rates Cost 420 Billion more per year

3% Rise cost a extra 630 Billion a year

4% rise cost a extra 840 Billion a year

5% cost a extra 1.05 Trillion per year just in higher interest cost

acourse now the government will be running a even bigger deficits with lower revenues coming in from the tax cuts and rapidly rising cost from higher interest expenses and Social Security and Medicare payouts set to explode going forward keep in mind 10,000 people a day Every day hitting retirement age in this country this trend will continue for the forseable future so less tax revenues coming in and expenses rising rapidly

The End Game will be a Hyperinflationary Collapse

where the stock market goes up way up but the currency collapses and losses its purchasing power just like Venezuela

Just hope and pray that the US isnt heading in this direction but the math say that we are

at the end of the day the US Dollar is nothing more then a worthless Fiat Currency once the faith in it is Gone

Speaking of the Dollar the US Dollar index is close to breaking support and could soon go into free fall sending prices spiraling upwards and like i said the Fed is TRAPPED if they try to raise rates it will send the Federal Debt EXPLODING This is how you get a Hyperinflationary Collapse

The longer they keep rates low the more debt they pile up the less rates have to go up in order to get the collapse

this is a ticking time bomb to Collapse
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