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From: mikebeaton (Rep: 3) reply to maxamusDate: 09/05/2016 01:07
Forum: SKYLINE MEDICAL INC - Msg #204Thread #673866900 (Rec: 0)
Re: $SKLN looks like it might have some solid uptrend potential coming up soo...

Lol first I didn't say SKLN is going to be $20 next week. I also never said that the uptrend is long term. You will see growth over the next week. The vote coming Sept 14th alone will drop SKLN. If it passes than it will drop even further. My idea is to ride it out for the next week. Then following the upcoming vote get out while it still has value and wait for it to be diluted and RS. Based on the fact that it has a JV with EOR which gives it a lot of leverage on acquiring government contracts, this is a plus. The government budget set aside in total is 550M. SKLN is only applicable to a certain aspect of these contracts but none the less it can still acquire a small part of it.

Obviously they can't do all of the services that the government requires but even a little bit would be a huge move for this company.

So yes, will SKLN be diluted in 10 days, quite possibly, if so it will undergo RS. However with recent events this week will prove to be good for SKLN. Do I see 100% every day this week no. The uptrend didn't even begin until late Friday Afternoon. So there is still potential that new money is looking for higher gains before taking profits off the table.

Tuesday or Wednesday might dip Thursday will probably be a come back followed by another dip on friday as people will be uncertain as the vote comes closer. Overall you will see a higher price gain by Friday than you have as of right now.

So let me reitterate. SKLN has uptrend potential. I never specified how long or how hard that potential is. Short term would be a week. Depending on its ability to acquire government contracts after all the dilution and RS then long term it has a lot of potential but how long that is no one knows. Don't just look at Dilution and RS as a death sentence. Look at all of the aspects going into this and look at the post prior before executing a decision based on a few short words.

Michael Beaton

Forum handles:

Investorguru, investor10122, mikebeaton

Reply to maxamus - Msg #201 - 09/04/2016 17:50

Re: $SKLN looks like it might have some solid uptrend potential coming up soon.

I'll take it that you are somewhat of a newb and not a pumper, but with my 20+ years experience trading these types of stocks, 100% of them are BS, SKLN included.

They are hype machines and dilution machines. Do not get caught up in the hype. Trade them when the momo is there then WALK AWAY.
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