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From: schrohed (Rep: 0)Date: 2020-03-29 20:43:11
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #674137961Msg #833 - Part 1/2 (Rec: 0)
Hey guys, my names David. I'm the former president of Lennox Holdings, and I used to invest huge amounts of money for my very wealthy clients. Now I'm retired, and invest as a hobby. I want to talk about some investments, and feel free to ask questions or add comments. I'm always happy to here peoples thoughts, my email is always opened at Lets get to it!

Blue Apron: Blue Apron has really exploded in the past months. I know its unfortunate with all the COVID-19 virus stuff going on, but man has this company had a return. I invested about $10,000 in the beginning of February 2020. I knew that people would probably be eating at home because of the pandemic. I sold at March 18th, 2020 with over $60,000 profit- a 501% return on investment! I heard the stock price when went up to $24 (I sold at $13). Definitely a great investment, would recommend investing!

Gardner Analytica: This company isn't as well known as other companies I've invested in, and I stumbled upon it by pure accident! In January, 2020 I invested about $500,000. To date, I have received a return of $3,100,000! Thats a 520% ROI!! It is amazing, and I'm very glad that I invested. From the looks of it, the investments going to keep going up! I would definitely recommend investing, huge returns are a must have in these hard times. However, the company is extremely exclusive and you need to know someone to invest, so if you are thinking about it email me: This is a company that I definitely would have recommended to my wealthy clients back in the day, and I'm always happy to share the knowledge.

So, let me here what you are are thinking! Good investments, or bad? I'm always happy to here people thoughts. Again, my email is if anyone wants any advice on investing- I used to be a wealth manager and many people tell me I know what I'm doing! Thanks!

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From: Rilan (Rep: 0) reply to schrohedDate: 2020-04-30 15:01:55
Forum: Casual Lounge - Thread #674137961Msg #849 - Part 2/2 (Rec: 0)
Hi, I am a newbie too :)

NOTE: This message was originally posted on 2020-04-30 14:55:11 by the Rilan.

Reply to schrohed - Msg #833 - 03/29/2020 20:43
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