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From: siuu (Rep: 0)Date: 01/19/2018 11:18
Forum: Gurus Answer Questions - Msg #625Thread #673983851 (Rec: 0)
Bad experience with Wendy Kirkland's F3 Family Financial Freedom system.

I'd appreciate any advice on how to pick myself back up from this, or if I should even continue with options trading and move on to a different kind of trading. This was an investment that didn't go to plan at all or make me a profit. The time decay was also something that ruined any chance of me making a profit. One mistake I made was putting my trust into someone else. What was worse though, was a repulsive fabrication the company invented when I requested my refund. This type of fabrication was serious enough to prevent me being reimbursed a total of $5,497 dollars. I have provided photos and evidence in this thread. Someone suggested I report this to the SEC so that future customers can be warned. I'd be interested to see what the gurus in this forum think about that and whether they believe it should be reported.

I purchased Wendy Kirkland's F3 Family Financial Freedom trading system for $5,497 dollars on December 12th and 13th of 2016. I signed up for a 12 month subscription, due to expire on 12/13th December 2017. The money back guarantee stated that if a profit wasn't made at the end of the 12 month period, then I would be reimbursed the full amount of the purchase price ($5,497). I promptly applied for a Money block account as soon as my payment of $5,497 dollars went through. Due to the Christmas/New Year period and a delay caused by Money Block needing confirmation for a minor detail on my application form (which caused me to miss Kirkland's first two trades), it wasn't until January 11th, 2017 that my account was finally open, approved and ready to trade. All Trades were autotraded and the reason I applied for a Money Block account was because of Kirkland's salesman recommending this on the phone when I first purchased the product.

Ultimately, however, a profit was not made in my account.

A total of 19 trades were atuotraded in my account:

10 losses

9 wins

Overall result at the end of the 12 month subscription:

$66 dollar loss

Full results of the 19 trades executed for me in my Money Block account:

The last trade, the AMGN, January 19, 2018, 180 call, was manually closed by me on December 14th, 2017, due to being past the 12 month enrollment period, (which expired on December 12/13th, 2017.) It incurred a loss of $155 dollars, and I certainly was not going to risk losing more money when the subscription was already over.

Money Block Starting balance at beginning of subscription: $7,942.

Ending balance, after 19 trades during Kirkland's enrollment: $7,884.

Entire autotraded/account history during Kirkland's enrollment:

Even more worryingly, when I requested the company send me a performance sheet during the time I asked for a refund, their result for the DIS SEP 15, 2017, 110 CALL trade claimed I won $393 dollars, which was completely false. My account shows I only won $68 dollars for the DIS SEP 15, 2017, 110 CALL. The first "realized gains" report I had sent to the Kirkland representative had clearly shown in the table my $68 dollar profit for the DIS SEP 15, 2017 CALL trade, but she responded with her own sheet, showing an invented, wildly inaccurate $325 dollars extra profit written in their document to portray a result in my account which never even existed. Had I not noticed this mistake, my final result would have stood at a profit of $259 dollars (which would have prevented me getting my money back) instead of the true result of a loss of $66 dollars.

To see for yourself the inaccurate profit of $393 dollars for the DIS Sep 15,2017 110 Call trade that was invented by Kirklands company, I have attached a link below.

photos of the fabricated profit for the DIS SEP 15, 2017 110 CALL.

The Kirkland FAIR Performance sheet which tried to fabricate my result for the DIS SEP 15, 2017 110 Call trade. Scroll down the bottom, look for the yellow marks on the right hand side, and you'll see wins written in black and losses written in red. Go to the DIS SEP 15, 2017 110 CALL trade column and see the false $393 figure the representative inserted.

(NOTE: There were two losses not yet included in the performance sheet because it hadn't been updated, which wasn't anyone's fault. These two losses were the PG The AMGN JAN 19, 2018, 180 CALL, which resulted in a loss of $155, and the PG DEC 15, 95 CALL, which resulted in a $430 loss. These two results brought the claimed profit down from $844 to $259. $844- $155 (AMGN loss) = $689 profit. $689 -$430 (PG loss) = $259 profit. But a $259 profit still didn't make me eligible for a refund of the $5,497 dollars I paid.)

It was only because spotted this disgusting falsified profit figure that my refund was processed. These are the kind of mistakes that destroy my faith in purchasing anything from that company again. Should I move on to FOREX and learn how to trade myself, no matter how long it takes? Or are there genuine people out there?

NOTE: This message was originally posted on 2018-01-19 04:29:55 by the siuu.

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