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From: Jimjones1972 (Rep: 3) reply to Jimjones1972Date: 01/04/2018 00:43
Forum: Mining and Commodities Eh! - Msg #6090 - List CAF msgs Thread #673914972 (Rec: 0)
CAF.V Subsidiary Information - Quantum Screening & Crushing

Canaf Group owns 100 percent of Quantum Screening and Crushing (Proprietary) Limited, ("Quantum"), a private South African company that focuses on anthracite beneficiation.

Quantum produces calcined anthracite, a product used primarily as a substitute to coke in the manufacturing process of steel and manganese. The company's two largest clients are world leaders in steel and ferromanganese production, namely ArcelorMittal and BHP Billiton respectively. Quantum has an operation near Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal, where its two kilns operate, de-volatising the raw material anthracite, known as calcining. The majority of Quantum's feedstock anthracite is supplied by the neighbouring Springlake Colliery, which has reserves in excess of 20 years.

Calcining is a process whereby anthracite coal is fed through a rotary kiln, at temperatures between 850 and 1100 degrees centigrade; the volatiles are burnt off and the effective carbon content increased. The final product, referred to as 'calcined anthracite' is used as a coke substitute. Calcined anthracite is used as a reductant in the manufacture of steel and manganese, as well as other sintering processes. Quantum, through its wholly owned subsidiary Southern Coal (Proprietary) Limited, ("Southern Coal") has been profitably carrying on this business since 2004.

Location and Plant

Quantum is situated in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The majority of the feedstock anthracite is supplied by Springlake Colliery which has reserves in excess of 20 years, whose coal siding is strategically located adjacent to Quantum's facility.

Quantum runs two independent lines of production which each consist of pre-heating stage feeding a main rotary kiln. The raw material, anthracite is feed into an electrically heated rotary pre-heater, which raises the temperature of the product to about 800 degrees C. The pre-heated (and red hot) anthracite is then fed into the main, refractory lined, rotary kiln. It is at this stage of the process that extra raw material is added to the main kiln. The temperature of the main kiln is then controlled to remain above 1000 degrees C so that calcination of the anthracite occurs and maximum amount of volatile matter is burnt off.

The final stage of the process involves the oxidization of any excess volatiles in the after-burners/oxidizers, before emission to the atmosphere.

Screening and Crushing Plants

Since the Company acquired Quantum in 2007, significant investment has been made in crushing and screening equipment. Quantum now has the ability to offer existing and potential customers a range of size productsm which subsequently opens up other markets.

Quantum has 2 independent screening plants, which are capable to dry screen down to sizes as small as 6mm.

Profitability, Performance and Expansion Program

Quantum Screening and Crushing has been operating profitably since the Company acquired it in 2007.

Quantum Screening and Crushing has built up a fine reputation for product quality and reliability of supply, which has earned the respect and preference from two of the major steel and manganese producers in the world. Canaf believes that as long as Quantum maintains its focus on its core values, coupled with the ever-increasing demand of calcined anthracite as a replacement to coke in the reductant market, that the business will continue to expand and potentially become one of the major reductants and low volatile reductant suppliers on the continent.

Reply to Jimjones1972 - Msg #6089 - 01/03/2018 15:35

CAF.V is starting to gain momentum as a bunch of news is coming down the pipeline in the next 60-90 days. Remember, this is easily the most undervalued earnings based company on the venture exchange. Trading at a 3.3X multiple(similar companies are 15-20X), and with an Asset/Debt Ratio of roughly 3:1, leveraged towards the USD. Just over 47 million shares outstanding with 33% insider held. CAF refines coking coal used for the steel industry, not typical coal that you find everywhere for burning. It's a special type of coal that only makes up 1% of the world coal reserves. BHP Bhiliton is Canaf's long term client and the largest producer of coking coal in the world, so it's very dependent even on a small company like CAF.

What to expect in 90 days:

- Year End Results February 2018
- Q1 2018 Results March 2018
- Update on a major deal that was announced in the MD&A

CAF has already generating $750K CDN in profit for 2017 over 9 months. In their MD&A it clearly states that Q3 was a weaker quarter and that Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 will have increased sales which will obviously generate larger profits. Recently South Africa had an election and the new leader is very pro business and could usher in major reforms to make South Africans companies more profitable.

All information can be found on Sedar for those that want to confirm all this.
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