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From: holland55 (Rep: 2584)Date: 01/18/2020 11:11
Forum: The Best Of Gonabe - Msg #14Thread #674117649 (Rec: 0)
From Gonabe 2004:


My opinion is,,
the question of "how did we get here" is quite Ironic.

The Irony is that,,we see what in our opinion ar WRONGS.
Increasingly,,the Irony is that our OPINIONS are the wrongs.

Few who Read YOUR opinion--which is admireably and well presented would disagree with it .
One great Strength of it is,,it's Clear,Concise,and to the point.
A Nice Packaged thought,and hard to argue with at Face value.

Few who read THIS,will actually even READ it thoroughly.
Fewer,,will stop and THINK and put forth the effort to form their Own Opinion
And a few,,,will not understand or beleive it anyway.

Facts,Reality,Truth is often very unclear,seldom apparent and nicely packaged.
STORIES,,Fables,Myths,Legends are CRAFTED ,,DELIBERATE in their construction to convey Specific Ideas,,evoke specific emotions,,,and also to Endure.
They're "Naturally Appealing" to our consciousness and awareness.
Purposefully,,a Handy,Nice Package.

TRUTH is hard to accept a lotta times,,,
while Everybody loves a good story--fact or Fiction.

ONE trail we've travelled to get here,,,is that we are all entitled to our own opinions,,and entitled to voice those opinions.

It's both a Priveledge and a Right.
Which is all a very fine thing.

However,,if there's anything problematic about that,perhaps it may be that there's NO Prerequisite that our opinions are Valid,or even based on any fact whatsoever.

That in itself is not so bad.
The RESULTS of our thinkings are where things begin to break down.

Generally speaking--people ACT UPON their opinions.
We tend to Live by what we Beleive.
We base our Judgements and Decisions and Actions on our opinions.

When Beleifs and Opinions are groundless,or based on NON-Factual information,,,,
the outcome,the results of any actions we take are not going to necessarily be what we expect.

Perhaps WORST of all,is the THINKING-HABITS which develop.

Rational,Deliberative Reasoning falls by the wayside.
It's NOT so much a matter of us having Bad Ideas,or Being WRONG.
We're ALL subject to that... sometimes even our Best Efforts.

The point is ,,we quit TRYING to develop RationalThinking.
It loses it's importance,,and eventually the Skill is Lost.

When we become CONJECTURE and Myth and Hearsay-Based in our Beleifs,,,and fail to demand Facts & Full Disclosure,,

That leaves us wide-OPEN to Manipulation,,,veritable Sponges for Propaganda.

We begin to accept what is Attractive and Appealing,,and we no longer bother to put information to any higher test of Proofs.

We begin to operate in a Fantasy-World,,,and increasingly find our "Best Efforts" leading us down a Wonderful Path,,but ultimately to a dead-end.

'Cuz our Thoughts,or beleifs,,our Motives and actions are not based on Truth or Reality.
But simply on what was PRESENTED to us ,,APPEALED to us,,and we chose to ACCEPT.
FALSE beleifs can hardly be expected to yield REAL results.

Or I should say,,not the Results the BELEIVER expects,,but very possibly the Results expected by the PROMOTER.

All just my opinion,,,and I sincerely don't mean any of that harshly or to insult or offend Anyone.
Just MY Opinion,,and my appoligies if it comes across rude in any way.

It's all something I remind myself of--maybe not often enough...
To THINK about,,what I Think.
And to TRY to have opinions which are (Ideally) SUPPORTABLE,,,,
or at Least DEFENDABLE---meaning to strive to know WHY I think what I think.
Versus simply repeating what I see/hear,am told.

Many folks cannot be bothered with that,and a LARGE part of "what got us here" is their Opinions which they Hold so dear & demand the liberty to voice,,,are simply BOGUS Opinions.
Opinions Based on nothing much real.

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