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From: bearishben (Rep: 17) reply to bwsvaldiviesoDate: 05/23/2010 15:47
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #1947279Thread #672993957 (Rec: 0)
Re: im with bears case, i think monday and maybe tuesday we will have continuatio...

also, the pattern so far has been green mondays following red fridays, though there was a slightly red monday on April 26th:

April 16th: the day GS tanked, lots of red, then followed by green Monday April 19th

April 30th, volatility kicks up, red friday close, followed by green monday on May 3rd

May 7th closes red, huge tank, red friday close, followed by $1T bailout and green Monday on May 10th

May 14th, red friday close, another huge tanking move, followed by SLIGHTLY green Monday close on May 17th.

so i don't know, maybe all of this means NOTHING and it's all random patterns, but i think there is a pattern, it just may be too complicated to be intelligible.

we closed green on Friday, May 21st, so does that mean the opposite? that we'll close red on Monday? or, does it mean we push for a continuation of green on Monday?

by today i really have no idea. i look at the VIX and it looks pretty high, so that suggests it might pullback and that the S&P will move up next week, Monday and Tuesday for starters, so i am leaning more towards green Monday and Tuesday closes.

when you make a mistake in a trade, do not get mad, get OUT!

the market can stay irrational longer than i can pay rent.

in America, you trade stock market, in Soviet Russia, stock market trades YOU! 

Reply to bwsvaldivieso - Msg #1947261 - 05/23/2010 12:33

im with bears case, i think monday and maybe tuesday we will have continuation of the rebound....but then, wednesday we go down again, i think that could be the way, when you say suspicious rebound on suspect of what....banks trying to lift the market and "save" the rally?....or trying to lift it to get short..............Re: Comparison of Bulls vs. Bears Charts from 5-17-2010 to 5-21-2010 with Actuali...
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