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Forum - Wall Street Pit    Stock Due Diligence for All

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From: Sqwii (Rep: 389)Date: 06/20/2011 16:32
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2143650Thread #673245599 (Rec: 1)
Well I'm just going to give my oppinion on the best traders in the pit here from what I've have seen over the past years with comments on each one of them.

Its just in a random order:

- Pornstar(Very good fundamentals- know how , and good with longer term stocks - technicals not as good as many others , but overall excellent to buy stocks cheap , have patience and hold)

- Lionmaster (Very good with DD - usually spot on , been horrible with his technicals over the last years , his DD always been good - but over the last months his timing by technicals is being very accurate)

- Magician (Overall good - have his own room , buying and pumping in here small caps - sometimes he really nails some huge runners , and sometimes they plunge a lot. Overall good with technicals - lacking a bit with fundamentals - but overall also a good follow)

- RichJr (His DD very good , usually playing hot sectors and hot stocks where the money is flowing - his technicals is lacking with timing , but his DD + using sector momentum trading doing very good)

- bman (Usually spot on with technicals + fundamentals overall good trader - posting once and then after a day or two or even some weeks , usually pretty good gains. In room with danshep which is also really good with technicals)

- hany_am (Very good playing swing trades and excellent technical trader. Fundamentals lacking , but as a technical trader , excellent to follow )

- Rambler(Very good at knowing a companys value and potential - also good for longer term holds , not as good technican as many others)
- bobk(Usually very good in hinting which stocks are currently moving - and usually nailing some BIG movers. Not the best looking charts overall - but he is nailing pretty much what is currently moving and overall excellent technical trader imo, good follow)

- speculator (He was one of the persons which I remember from 2010 a lot , nailing some huge runners - lately been a little off - but overall excellent to find stocks with value and good for longer term holds - also good with some short term bottom plays. Usually have lots of different types of plays. Posting lots of different stocks but most of them he is nailing pretty good.)

- gain4brave (Best BIO picker - know his bio stocks which have huge potential if you are patient. Technicals getting better too)

Well maybe I miss some , but thats just what I think right now - for the new members in here if they wanna know.

Started my own blog

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