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2151486LION.COM_BROKE: Re: Why dont the Top Gainers & Top Losers List Work its Broken not showing an...-Lupin07/08/2011 17:22
2151485MRNARe: after hours spike on MRNA... pools/brokers hiding orders during the trad...-bucyrus 07/08/2011 17:15
2151484MRNAAny experienced trader have a good idea what caused after hours spike on MRNA...-x2russ07/08/2011 17:07
2151483Its called Capitalism...We built it and maintain it...ask WS or DC. eom-hickin07/08/2011 17:02
2151482last you think stocks move up or down "primarily" due to wheth...-RichJr07/08/2011 16:56
2151481CRVPFROM_THE_10Q: Very true...glad there is Due Diligence--stocks like this should be stated as...-LSmith07/08/2011 16:53
2151480is it over yet???? eom-bucyrus 07/08/2011 16:51
2151479DITTO: Re:'The one thing that does get me and others is seeing a rash of 20 posts by...-Sage07/08/2011 16:51
2151478CRVPJVA 60c to $26 on a combination of good business moves with a healthy dose of...-RichJr07/08/2011 16:50
2151477This is America...Home of Capitalism...Even an uneducated piece of crap mothe...-hickin07/08/2011 16:50
2151476IT'S_STEALING: luvb2b.. you bring up an issue that exists at every level, its almost like wa...-franconia07/08/2011 16:45
2151475Re: Rich ignore the jealous people.....makes them hate more.......most of the...-alon861907/08/2011 16:41
2151474HYPNOTIC-EFFECT: my $.02 - there should be a limit on the number of times a poster can post ab...-Sage07/08/2011 16:37
2151473Re: i ... don't ... care ... about ... that ... and ... nor ... do ... 90% .....-RichJr07/08/2011 16:37
2151472GOOD_NIGHT: enough banter. it's a nice summer day i am gonna go for a run and sleep like ...1luvb2b 07/08/2011 16:35
2151471great post ! its an open fourm where people talk about Trades , Like Adults ...-dmccoy07/08/2011 16:35
2151470LUVB2B: hey lady you post whatever you all the information you can.......9RichJr07/08/2011 16:35
2151469FACTS_ONLY: stay with the facts & please explain again how crvp benefits from raw coffee ...-luvb2b 07/08/2011 16:35
2151468VIDEO: Buffett Says 'Bet Heavily' Against Double-Dip Recession ...-AuntMillie07/08/2011 16:34
2151467IT'S_STEALING: stupidity on your part Re: using a 'guru' status and pounding the table on s...-dmccoy07/08/2011 16:32
2151466CRVPFROM_THE_10Q: "An increase in the wholesale price of coffee could result in a reduction in ...-luvb2b 07/08/2011 16:31
2151465Friday after trading close...Must be Happy Hour in the Pit!!!!! eom-amdolan07/08/2011 16:30
2151464LUVB2B: Re: you accuse me of stealing???.....and now some bs about the SEC...omg you ...-RichJr07/08/2011 16:30
2151463HORRENDOUS: luvb2b has made some horrendous calls as of late and she criticizes everyone ...-Superman 07/08/2011 16:29
2151462make a note of this OPs.....a poster makes a personal choice for buying a sto...-RichJr07/08/2011 16:26
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