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From: luvb2b (Rep: 2098) reply to SupermanDate: 08/23/2011 19:52
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2174959Thread #673283791 (Rec: 5)
since we are maybe having a real discussion, maybe you can finally explain to everyone why it was that when i was posting contrary dd to your calls on ccme/rino/skbi that you censored those posts.

i never attacked you in the posts. i attacked the accounting and the businesses as suspect - information that turned out to be very accurate. and you censored that information because you had the power to do so and because it was contrary to your financial interest.

i'm sure everyone would like to know your rationalization for covering up real information in order to protect yourself and your profits. i know i would.

remember that you had me banned from posting and banned from the pit in order to keep your fiction about how awesome ccme and skbi and rino etc were alive.

i know you go on pretending that never happened.

but let's face it, everyone who was here at the time knows that's where i turned against you personally. and despite donating thousands of dollars, eventually your cover-ups ended up resulting in your demotion and costing you your moderation privileges.

"There are those who market trades, and there are those who trade markets.
There are those who follow marketers, and those who follow markets.
The marketers feast on their followers; the traders feast on the markets." -luvb2b

***Disclaimer & Disclosure***: I make no guarantee as to the accuracy or validity of information in this message. Messages posted reflect my own opinions and/or those of others, and are posted for entertainment purposes only. My messages should not be construed as investment advice. Always make investment decisions in consultation with your own financial advisor. Daytrading is not suitable for everyone. You trade at your own risk. Daytrading involves considerable risk and could result in significant losses, including losses in excess of invested capital. Any information posted here is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be assumed to be accurate. It is expected that the readers of this information do their own research and due diligence when making trading or investment decisions. I may have long or short positions in any of the stocks that are mentioned, and these positions may change at any time.

Reply to Superman - Msg #2174934 - 08/23/2011 17:57

luvb2b - this is not meant to be a slam on you but dont you do everything that you accuse the bad people of doing? When your gold trade was going well you flooded the boards with posts congratulating yourself and bragging (which i found entertaining) then when gold dropped you seem to explain away and attack all of the people that took the other side of trade against you............yeah I know you are hard and dont care about anyone but it seems somewhat hypocritical that you trash others and do the same thing you trash them about...........and yes i know your trades are big league and better than all of us penny pumpers and promoting pimps but you had some calls on similar stocks like YONG china play and call failed and also i think you were calling SODA long at 70.........nobody here is perfect including yourself...........again not meant to be a slam but i am sure you may take it as that ...............signed Super Promoter Pimp & Pumper 3 P's
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