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Forum - Wall Street Pit    Stock Due Diligence for All

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From: santelli (Rep: 1669)Date: 09/02/2011 20:40
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2180136Thread #673290028 (Rec: 0)
because they can make $ shorting everyone cheering the demise of stock PPS and the beginning of a worse economy.
when will those in charge of rules and regulations change back the short on the down tick? everyone sees a stock going up so they chase, same as when they see a stock going down, they attack. Sure many stocks arent worth what they are trading at, but when you have the Govt talking about suing banks- who is going to invest in banks? people will short them and you may even see a run on the banks.

The current Govt is anti-business and there is no denying it. the morale of everyone here is a good example of tough times, my emails show that- and some of it is down right depressing!! no one bats 100% winners but when i see people attack other traders that have been pretty much spot on, i think its time for the attackers to change their way of trading, i know its how i see things.
This was a very hot yr for temps, so i traded instead of being out on a lake, the result is being down around $12k from where i was May 1st. 4 months of wasted time.

i hope things get better for everyone. and really hope everyone stops attacking those that try to help others- or you will lose them.

(if this helps anyone, its how i started and what has worked for me)

Help to be a more profitable trader

***dont buy any stock without knowing the sector

* check avg daily volume/ opening price and yesterdays trading range (low to high)

* check filings and news- (save this link its priceless)

* check your shorts

* look at a 3 month chart for support resistance LEARN CHARTS!

* look at level 2 see where support/ strong resistance is. decide where to buy- where to sell before buying ANY.

* learn the good and bad market makers on L2- its a reality.

* watch a stock for as long as possible before buying- L2 charts........

*learn the pump and dumpers on msg boards and those that have credible plays.

buy enough stock to make a profit with 1 uptick including commissions buy and sell.

I buy with 2 accounts

in order to lock in profits,
I buy 2 accts with 5k or 10k 20k shares, (or more)
when the stock moves .05 or .07 or .10 or? (your decision) SELL 1/2. !!!
now the stock has to fall that amount BELOW your buy for you to lose money.
try to sell on the way up, make your 1st sell point in your head and do it,
dont drop on bid and mess up a good trade for yourself and others.if it keeps going you wont say I missed XX% gain,
if it looks done sell all.

2-3 bad trades in a day? walk away- start fresh the next day.

* after the 1st day spike watch for sellers the next 2-3 days (should hold support) then watch for trend (up if its a good stock)
most of my stocks are traded over and over again as they trade in between support/resistance.

**************************study charts/ compile lists of sectors/ learn level 2-

the mkt has trading times 8 am -10:30 (exits) 11:20- 12:00 (exits) 1:00- 2:20 (exits) 3pm to--4(know when the money flows/leaves)

traders have common mental blocks on the .50 range or even # ( I will sell when it hits....) good to know...

we all have different styles, but some trader has your style, see what they see, do what they do. be a winner.

find someone that is doing well, learn from them,ask questions, the human ones will answer, thank them and grow from it,
we all crawl before we can walk, then run.


read the filings dont trade blind like the blame throwers & if  a girl scout can beat you up, you shouldnt be trading  my stocks.

posting a stock doesn't mean I bought it.  posting I am buying or bought, does.

LEARN CHARTS and LEVEL 2, be a winner. 

 I am offering you a trade you should NEVER buy my stocks posted. I came here to make money, learn and  to teach, not to be part of a clique. I have only been a trader for 2 yrs, and its an evolving process. If you dont have a plan of action prior to buying a stock, you have no plan at all. We all take losses *it is up to you to decide your loss tolerance*


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