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From: DollarstoDonuts (Rep: 144) reply to trendtnDate: 08/15/2015 23:21
Forum: Wall Street Pit - Msg #2563185Thread #673771082 (Rec: 0)
Re: Protecting. Also grew up with all sisters, and came to find out 1 was beaten routinely....I completely missed it. The level of guilt I carry to this day is indescribable. I'm afraid this is an all too common problem in all too many families. Sis said the usual things after the big reveal....he said he would stop...didn't want the kids circumstances to be all upset. Further, I view this issue with ISIS from the perspective of someone who spent quite a bit of time in Isfahan, Iran. Its very hard to convey the nuances of how women are treated over there, but i would say, ironically , its better than most people think...its certainly very complicated. I think we need to take a hard look in the mirror before we bury the middle east for how they treat their women...just my humble opinion...and thanks again for your thoughtful post

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. -Socrates




Reply to trendtn - Msg #2563171 - 08/15/2015 14:42

Protecting the Unprotectable

Many years ago a boy of 17 I became involved with a girl I knew. I thought it was love...but it was really only the first hopeful version of it...long before I knew anything about loss or sacrifice or even the selflessness it demands.
She was tall and blonde and beautiful....but her mother had died young...suddenly of cncer. It tore a hole in her and her father...a judge..felt like his faith in the world had been betrayed...and began to try every night to wash his rage away with whiskey.
And those nights...caught between the dual fires of grief and fear ...seemed to set her ablaze.
I lived by the sea then. some nights I would sneak out and spirit her away. We would go to the beach. and she would lay in my arms again and again .....sobbing.
I was a boy and even then began trying to protect what was unprotectable.. ...and I still remember the terror in her eyes...and was drawn to the strange tangle of the sorrowful and the beautiful in her then.
We finished school..and she trying to outrun the present went west....where she met and married a man.
But in fairly short order he began to beat her....and as these things tend to go bad becomes worse. He ended up throwing her down a flight a stairs..breaking her back...leaving her there for a couple days. They divorced...thankfully...but something that was already fragile in her broke completely.
I don't know if it was the last version of hope or perhaps some faith in a future. So she began searching instead for the past.
She began to call me...every couple years...from various cities.always a little frantic...always a little scattered...and now in full flight from and endless string of tomorrows in a the respite of the past. A boy willing to hold her sobbing soul on a beach long ago.
So I would get these calls...usually in the middle of the night...always from some distant place...try explaining that to whatever woman youre currently involved with.
The last time we talked I told her she was chasing a ghost..the boy she wanted to find so badly only had my same name...he didn't exist anymore than the past did...everpresent but only a specter.
She dropped the phone and went calling her name into an open line.
She died in a car crash a couple years later.
I blamed the guy and the flight of stairs..and further her mother for dying and her fathers grief and of course myself.

I have five sisters. One of them,...who I love... married a tall basketball playing hippie guy. I treated him like a brother.
But a few years into their marriage...unbeknownst to me or anyone else... he began to beat her. Not slapping around.....beat her...closed fist. He was a big guy...a least in that one respect...and he badly hurt her. They eventually split and she explained why.
My blood ran cold. It still does just to think of it. I can feel my vision narrow and my heart begin to swing away like it had arms and fists and is trying to reach out one more time to protect the unprotectable..
A couple years later...during a stay with my mother woke me in the middle of the night. This guy was passing thru on a bus...making a connection..he had a layover...and wanted to call. My mother asked if I would go over and talk to him.
I said ...yes.
And pulled on some clothes and drove over to the bus station. He was in the deserted waiting area when I walked in. He stood and smiled and walked toward hand out. And I walked toward him feeling my heart growing arms with every step.
When I reached him It swung as hard as it could....and I felt my knuckles break open and bleed as I connected. He went down..a look of shock on his face....and I recall hollering about my sister...and thinking of my high school girl.
I cannot stop the world..and .I cannot protect the unprotectable past....I thought...but I can damn sure let my cold blood run a bit...just to let it know there is no free unearned forgivemess.

So...because of these things I am a defender of women. I see a guy getting **** kicked..and I think he probably deserves it....if not for some proximate cause...then for something hes done in the past.
But if I see a woman getting slapped around...or worse...I'm all in...everytime. I'm usually thinking about my sister...or my old girlfriend...trying to prevent what cant really be prevented...trying to protect what cant be protected.

I think of this today because I have been reading about a American aide worker that went to Syria to try and aide refugees. A selfless senseless act that makes me want to shake her and tell her the world doesn't care about your charity....... Trying to protect the unprotectable.
She was of course kidnapped...and according to todays Wash Post...made into a sex slave by the head of these ISIS bastids. He reportedly raped her repeatedly....then tortured her...then beat her to death....all in the name of righteousness.
She was 27......never married...never had a kid...never...never.....never .....never.
Never. And it make my blood run cold.
This group...these savages...according to the NYT have adopted the theology of rape

They proclaim that raping unbelievers...many as young as 12... brings them... closer to God.
And once more I begin to feel my heart swing away.
We cannot stop the outrageous and perverse cruelties of the world. They reimagine themselves in a million ways each day. And ultimately cannot protect the unprotectable.
Still I find myself thinking there must be some justice...some measure of equanity....a way where the wicked face the full recompense of all they have done.

Stock stuff
I suggested shorting recent ipo CFMS 25s...they was much much worse than 1.50 expected...they lost about 2.50 for the q on about 19m revenue. The company is trading at roughly 900m value. This is not sustainable.
They make 3d printed personalized knee replacements . Their parts fit better than off the shelf titanium knees....but the rub is that unlike all their competitors CFMS knees require a CAT Scan.
As I prev pointed out cat scans have a cumulative radiation profile....if you have a few over the course of a lifetime the chance they cause cancer goes thru the roof. A cat scan delivers 1500 x the radiation of an xray.
Because of this...many doctors shy away from having their patients undergo cat scans unless its absolutely necessary. Many refuse to order cat scans for for elective surgery.
Because cat scans are integral to CFMS line I believe their business model is fatally flawed...and better fit notwithstanding...doomed to fail.
If you get a pop ..on perhaps a underwriter reit it may be worth a short. In my view its worth no more than 200m...because of the numbers and because of the cat scan reliance.Best small cap short since I rang the alarm on SZYM between 2s
CVV reported .21 v .03...looks like its finally ramping up production...they could do .70-.80 eps this year....65m cap.... Its wearing me out waiting on it though

Regarding upcoming CART data...there will undoubtedly be at least a couple high profile trial failures...the group has been priced for perfection a,d perfection is not the destiny of man. The group will sell off indiscriminately when these failures the waeakness...miscues are to be expected...the science is not perfect but it it is revolutionary and I think for the most part right
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