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Ownership analysis for BRLC (Syntax-Brillian) as of Mon Jun 1, 04:48 ET.
User IDStatusTypeBuy Time (ET)Sell Time (ET)Buy PriceSell PricePct Gain 
goodinfoActiveBuy2008-05-14 19:58:061.06--- See Portfolio
glambaActiveBuy2008-02-12 15:47:451.87--- See Portfolio
icarusmustburnActiveBuy2007-10-15 21:45:294.87--- See Portfolio
jrusmanActiveBuy2007-10-10 00:17:304.62--- See Portfolio
momomasterActiveBuy2007-09-12 15:36:536.13--- See Portfolio
tlbkActiveBuy2007-09-11 09:32:466.29--- See Portfolio
morequesnoans21ActiveBuy2007-08-24 13:06:436.50--- See Portfolio
AsiaStockMasterClosedShort2008-07-08 09:13:172008-07-09 07:39:470.060.0350.00% See Portfolio
cassus310ClosedBuy2008-02-22 04:24:592008-06-11 13:01:470.950.56-41.05% See Portfolio
gainforbraveClosedBuy2007-12-10 15:48:402008-01-02 14:53:592.693.3323.79% See Portfolio
JackFlashClosedShort2007-10-05 15:03:012007-10-22 14:16:204.994.4810.22% See Portfolio
StockAlertClosedBuy2007-09-19 15:30:392007-09-20 13:19:413.824.158.64% See Portfolio
almlkClosedBuy2007-09-19 09:03:292007-10-05 21:25:463.775.0032.63% See Portfolio
_DT_ClosedBuy2007-09-18 09:29:092007-10-05 19:01:273.825.0030.89% See Portfolio
PATIENT101ClosedBuy2007-09-17 12:24:042007-09-20 13:36:514.114.110.00% See Portfolio
wxman33ClosedBuy2007-09-15 11:50:212007-10-13 08:38:064.055.0424.44% See Portfolio
JICaseClosedBuy2007-08-21 15:56:422007-08-23 15:53:156.516.743.53% See Portfolio
maxxClosedBuy2007-07-11 11:44:252007-07-16 09:56:285.686.6116.37% See Portfolio

Total Longs: 16
Total Shorts: 2

Msg #  Message PreviewSentiment  RecsAuthorDate (ET)
960This is going to bounce today eom-tradingpost07/09/2008 08:33
959Both getting some after hours action eom-tradingpost07/08/2008 17:59
958Think day traders finally picking this up eom-tradingpost07/08/2008 13:59
957You would need buyers for a bounce eom-Jackal07/08/2008 13:37
956Lesson - They don't call them a falling knife for nothing = You see red yet? eom-Jackal07/08/2008 13:35
955I could be wrong, but I think this bounces from here, not marrying it, but worth-tradingpost07/08/2008 13:11
954Re: Ok, in some more down here, has to be a bounce soon, don't care abou bk, sti-billyblanks07/08/2008 11:55
953Ok, in some more down here, has to be a bounce soon, don't care abou bk, still h-tradingpost07/08/2008 11:47
952Bouncing now eom-tradingpost07/08/2008 11:02
951Re: Wow, they are really taking this down-tradingpost07/08/2008 10:49
950Re: Wow, they are really taking this down-Trading4cash07/08/2008 10:45
949Wow, they are really taking this down eom-tradingpost07/08/2008 10:37
948Big bids going through at bottom herre eom-tradingpost07/08/2008 10:10
947In for a little bounce action down here eom-tradingpost07/08/2008 10:00
946Re: insiders were loading up this one around $3 just 6 months ago. it seems like-tagthatstock07/08/2008 09:19
945insiders were loading up this one around $3 just 6 months ago. it seems like no -gloverpark07/08/2008 09:15
944analyst Tristan Gerra WORKS for Robert W. Baird (used car salesman),, Baird had -tagthatstock07/08/2008 08:34
943imho,, i want extremely LOW debt with positive earnings. i dont want 'stock buy -tagthatstock07/08/2008 08:32
942Re: files for Chapter 11.--->see you can NOT trust even positive earnings, lo-Hobo_ken07/08/2008 08:25
941Re: files for Chapter 11.--->see you can NOT trust even positive earnings, lo-PornStarTrader07/08/2008 08:25
94010000 ways to say ouch. 6 cents eom-fortysomething407/08/2008 08:24
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