Sat 9/22/2018 09:19 ET
S&P 5002929.651.170.04%BANKS488.062.930.60%OIL70.720.400.57%BITCOIN6737.7024.260.36%
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Ownership analysis for RXII (RXI PHARMACEUTICALS) as of Sat Sep 22, 09:18 ET.
User IDStatusTypeBuy Time (ET)Sell Time (ET)Buy PriceSell PricePct Gain 
legisproOpeningBuy2018-02-27 22:27:23------ See Portfolio
danhaisActiveBuy2017-09-08 09:24:110.54--- See Portfolio
Trader1968ActiveBuy2017-06-07 10:24:210.55--- See Portfolio
GettinBlitzedActiveBuy2015-09-18 12:06:494.70--- See Portfolio
mmorri1971ActiveBuy2011-06-02 08:19:22399.00--- See Portfolio
vgrepaActiveBuy2011-01-27 12:23:46600.00--- See Portfolio
Pegasus666ActiveBuy2011-01-04 07:11:24753.00--- See Portfolio
Ctgal420ActiveBuy2010-04-01 10:03:291386.00--- See Portfolio
tobeActiveBuy2010-01-12 22:23:311515.00--- See Portfolio
SqwiiClosedBuy2017-02-12 08:40:092017-04-04 15:02:300.790.812.53% See Portfolio
kingicanciaClosedBuy2017-01-24 03:05:372017-01-26 16:51:290.650.696.15% See Portfolio
trupikClosedShort2016-11-21 12:03:372016-11-30 11:25:042.141.4631.78% See Portfolio
rabiondiClosedBuy2015-06-04 23:57:542015-06-09 15:39:150.400.4922.50% See Portfolio
alex4u2nvClosedBuy2015-01-23 09:45:322015-01-27 09:52: See Portfolio
alex4u2nvClosedBuy2011-06-09 10:55:462011-07-05 10:55:361.121.2612.50% See Portfolio
theMagicianClosedBuy2011-05-09 14:56:492011-05-16 14:55:310.910.921.10% See Portfolio
alex4u2nvClosedBuy2011-04-21 10:23:002011-05-23 09:54:140.920.986.52% See Portfolio
SqwiiClosedBuy2011-04-14 11:08:022011-05-03 12:26:341.160.93-19.83% See Portfolio
cutebabeClosedBuy2011-02-09 14:57:592014-01-09 15:26:0753.104.49-91.54% See Portfolio
ricketmanClosedBuy2011-01-26 10:58:252011-03-30 11:00:431.981.50-24.24% See Portfolio
JWTClosedBuy2011-01-25 14:46:122014-01-06 12:03:0157.903.20-94.47% See Portfolio
alex4u2nvClosedBuy2011-01-25 08:28:432011-02-18 12:00:162.062.00-2.91% See Portfolio
rabiondiClosedBuy2011-01-24 14:04:482013-05-01 10:52:492.110.19-91.00% See Portfolio
VoltaireClosedBuy2011-01-21 11:33:282011-02-17 17:40:081.872.1313.90% See Portfolio
hugof321ClosedShort2010-03-20 09:24:242010-03-23 14:00:377.885.9624.37% See Portfolio
hugof321ClosedShort2010-03-18 09:11:392010-03-19 09:02:087.036.961.00% See Portfolio
bikoClosedBuy2010-01-24 18:25:562010-11-20 14:46:105.223.23-38.12% See Portfolio
sokol01ClosedBuy2009-10-09 14:36:402009-12-21 09:46:422.244.73111.16% See Portfolio
demeule76ClosedBuy2009-09-06 14:05:372009-12-28 16:40:492.664.5169.55% See Portfolio
fidel62ClosedBuy2008-03-22 06:04:062008-03-26 17:33:179.9210.061.41% See Portfolio

Total Longs: 27
Total Shorts: 3

Msg #  Message PreviewSentiment  RecsAuthorDate (ET)
962Moving up ahead of Nasdaq Compliance news being released by RXII eom-leadform08/22/2018 11:38
961Investor Relations:: Posts Nasdaq Compliance news today ? No PR yet. Only 8-K-leadform08/22/2018 11:04
960Regained Nasdaq Compliance. News ONLY on 8-K...NO pr yet. eom-leadform08/22/2018 10:37
959Micro-float & regained Nasdaq Compliance. NO co. PR yet...Only 8-K. eom-leadform08/22/2018 10:15
958Re: 8-K out: Regained Nasdaq compliance. RXII has NOT posted news yet. Should...-leadform08/22/2018 09:39
9578-K out: Regained Nasdaq compliance. RXII has NOT posted news yet. Should pop-leadform08/22/2018 08:20
956in more on 8-K post on Regain of Nasdaq Compliance. No RXII pr yet. eom-leadform08/21/2018 15:15
955News release Weds. on regain Nasdaq Compliance?. Serious 8-K info few have. eom-leadform08/21/2018 14:35
954Thanks for heads up....News release should pop this one eom-leadform08/21/2018 14:22
953Here is compliance link, gonna be a good swing from these levels, Post RS bio...Strong Buy-tokyopua08/21/2018 14:16
952Regained complainace apparently, will try to find the link Re: sold all share...-tokyopua08/21/2018 14:13
951Re: RXII patent win and they issue patents and run big on pr YET...-chsjcksn08/07/2018 13:09
950nice find, in some w you Re: RXII patent win and they issue patents and run b...-tokyopua08/07/2018 12:59
949RXII patent win and they issue patents and run big on pr YET...-theMagician08/07/2018 12:54
948This sums it up. Strong buy.-kramsem08/02/2018 14:39
947sold all shares today on gap. eom-acinvestorblog08/01/2018 15:55
946Big-kramsem08/01/2018 09:34
945is a ticking time bomb ready to explode higher. eomStrong Buy-acinvestorblog07/30/2018 15:38
944CYTX RXII adding these two low float stocks for next few days. We could see a...-acinvestorblog07/30/2018 15:05
943ADDING !! History speaks for itself everytime it reaches oversold.Strong Buy-acinvestorblog07/30/2018 13:22
942added some dip buys under $2 today and just waiting paitiently Re: exaaaactly...Strong Buy-tokyopua07/11/2018 12:18
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