Sat 8/15/2020 10:09 ET
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Ownership analysis for SWHC (Smith & Wesson Holding) as of Sat Aug 15, 10:08 ET.
User IDStatusTypeBuy Time (ET)Sell Time (ET)Buy PriceSell PricePct Gain 
spcwbyActiveBuy2016-05-02 12:05:4822.84--- See Portfolio
morketnetActiveShort2009-03-13 14:37:025.11--- See Portfolio
alex4u2nvClosedShort2016-01-05 12:23:542016-01-07 13:26:3725.8623.628.66% See Portfolio
smadness1ClosedBuy2013-12-17 11:48:102014-01-10 01:53:4312.7615.0217.71% See Portfolio
alex4u2nvClosedBuy2013-06-13 19:19:532013-06-14 11:16:269.779.780.10% See Portfolio
tsmagnumClosedBuy2013-03-05 15:57:462013-03-12 08:10:5510.229.67-5.38% See Portfolio
ron_burgandyClosedBuy2013-01-29 08:33:212013-03-15 06:12:398.879.304.85% See Portfolio
smadness1ClosedShort2013-01-08 09:06:432013-02-04 15:45:058.658.79-1.62% See Portfolio
amelenClosedShort2012-11-14 14:52:272012-11-16 11:41:419.769.433.38% See Portfolio
BrassHandlesClosedBuy2012-06-20 13:01:202013-10-11 13:49:227.2311.2655.74% See Portfolio
lottoplusClosedShort2012-04-04 08:57:432012-04-11 10:11:018.287.855.19% See Portfolio
tsmagnumClosedBuy2012-03-22 15:41:542012-04-02 11:07:167.688.4710.29% See Portfolio
mysherClosedBuy2011-12-07 09:43:052011-12-12 14:12:473.173.9323.97% See Portfolio
BigPapaliciousClosedBuy2011-03-16 22:15:212011-07-16 23:24:343.423.522.92% See Portfolio
nycman1960ClosedBuy2011-01-24 11:43:362011-02-14 15:04:123.663.752.46% See Portfolio
lottoplusClosedBuy2011-01-24 11:41:382011-02-18 10:53:303.663.814.10% See Portfolio
smadness1ClosedBuy2010-11-15 12:21:382010-12-07 15:57:233.964.124.04% See Portfolio
imatotalloserClosedBuy2010-10-20 08:25:222011-10-25 22:18:003.932.92-25.70% See Portfolio
SnyderbratsClosedBuy2009-07-02 18:38:532012-11-28 00:00:205.5410.5490.25% See Portfolio
janglesClosedBuy2008-12-15 11:49:302009-01-07 11:28:182.672.825.62% See Portfolio
T1arisClosedBuy2008-12-01 20:02:002008-12-17 15:59:502.122.3812.26% See Portfolio
TinaMarieClosedBuy2008-06-10 20:12:432008-06-20 21:50:425.125.334.10% See Portfolio
mountainstkpikrClosedBuy2008-02-25 15:45:052008-04-09 15:59:405.205.9915.19% See Portfolio
LionmasterClosedBuy2008-01-25 06:18:002008-01-30 11:18:004.014.8420.70% See Portfolio
ultramanClosedBuy2008-01-28 12:33:042008-02-04 13:09:364.334.688.08% See Portfolio
JEKYL2000ClosedBuy2007-12-07 10:21:052008-05-06 19:44:197.086.57-7.20% See Portfolio

Total Longs: 21
Total Shorts: 5

Msg #  Message PreviewSentiment  RecsAuthorDate (ET)
1190In San Diego, lifeguards on jet skis are chasing surfers out of the water. B...-dbradley12103/25/2020 21:51
1189LANDMARK Ruling - "U.S. appeals court upholds Maryland's ban on assault rifle...-TheNextGoogle02/22/2017 13:48
1188Bucy, the symbol has changed to AOBC Re: stock unchanged... don't know if...-almlk01/21/2017 12:20
1187Bucy, the symbol has changed to AOBC Re: stock unchanged... don't know if...-almlk01/21/2017 12:20
1186Re: New symbol AOBC needs to be set up. eom-blacksheep01/20/2017 15:37
1185stock unchanged... don't know if news is out there yet eom-bucyrus01/20/2017 15:02
1184Smith & Wesson shareholders approve name change to American Outdoor Brands Co...-TheNextGoogle12/13/2016 18:20
1183Sry in advance to the - no politics during trading hours whiners-TheNextGoogle12/02/2016 14:23
1182Re: no Clinton gun ban - "Better Buy For a Trump Presidency, Gun Stocks or Pr...-TheNextGoogle12/02/2016 14:21
1181Re: Down on E Beat, seems silly .. no Clinton gun ban so no rush to stores eom-bucyrus12/02/2016 13:45
1180Down on E Beat, seems silly - Re: E's coming up Thursday afternoon. Should be...-TheNextGoogle12/02/2016 13:43
1179Re: GUN FREE ZONE..just like EVERY other attack -that's why nobody had a gun ...1bucyrus11/28/2016 14:30
1178there was no "shooter", only gubshots were by police...suspect used machete-ryanh11/28/2016 14:19
1177Re: GUN FREE ZONE..just like EVERY other attack - they may also be faced with...-TheNextGoogle11/28/2016 13:50
1176Re: shooters checked the local gun laws...GUN FREE ZONE..just like EVERY othe...-bucyrus11/28/2016 13:41
1175I wonder if the OSU shooters checked the local gun laws before they started o...-TheNextGoogle11/28/2016 13:38
1174E's coming up Thursday afternoon. Should be interesting --TheNextGoogle11/27/2016 15:13
1173prices dropping on AR15s and handguns... ammo dropping too eom-bucyrus11/21/2016 21:18
1172Re: cancellation of the Philippines' purchase of police rifles from the Unite...-ijeffc11/07/2016 09:37
1171cancellation of the Philippines' purchase of police rifles from the United St...-bucyrus11/07/2016 09:34
117030.24 New a/t high-blacksheep07/26/2016 09:43
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