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User ID:Lionmaster (Rep: 6223)
Total Stock Gains:6710.32%
Average Stock Gains:31.07%
Average Annualized Return:3.44%
Homerun Pick (Highest Stock Gain):232.50%
Pick Accuracy (Win/Loss Ratio):96.76%
Last Updated:05/12/2020 19:13
Total Entries:226
Cancelled Orders:1
Portfolio Created:12 yrs ago
Portfolio Views:3491676
Last 30 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%
Last 90 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%

SymbolStatusTypeBuy TimeSell TimeBuy/ShortSell/CoverGainEntry RangeTarget TimeTarget Price 
TARRClosedBuy08/22/2007 15:5808/27/2007 15:500.540.6418.52% --------- Owners
RIMMClosedShort08/20/2007 15:5609/29/2008 11:1377.8861.7320.74% --------- Owners
08/20/2007 15:56Comment: stock up overbought here
BCSIClosedShort08/20/2007 15:5001/11/2008 15:0629.6727.597.01% ------20.00 Owners
08/20/2007 15:50Comment: bloated pig believe earnings will not hold up.
JSDAClosedBuy08/16/2007 12:3908/22/2007 10:4010.0110.959.39% --------- Owners
CFCClosedBuy09/12/2007 15:5809/13/2007 05:2016.6218.279.93% * to 15.00------ Owners
08/16/2007 12:39Comment: Buy when everyone is panicking, may sink lower, but just avg this leader down imho.
HLYSClosedBuy08/16/2007 12:3912/31/2007 00:008.527.20-15.49% ---12/30/200714.00 Owners
08/16/2007 12:39Comment: Bottom fishing here, still has monopolistic price power, kids still love those skate shoes, could expand overseas soon.
LLNWClosedBuy08/16/2007 12:3808/23/2007 08:216.9510.0043.88% --------- Owners
08/16/2007 12:38Comment: recent IPO getting creamed off the bottom, may rebound sharply higher short-term.
SHRPClosedBuy08/16/2007 12:3708/17/2007 09:293.855.0029.87% --------- Owners
08/16/2007 12:37Comment: a potential buyout candidate now selling 1/2 below tangible book value
NCTClosedShort08/14/2007 09:2210/26/2007 13:2116.7214.9710.47% --------- Owners
08/14/2007 09:22Comment: same bloated subprime play to short
LENDClosedShort08/10/2007 15:4108/13/2007 11:148.915.8234.68% ------5.00 Owners
08/10/2007 15:41Comment: perhaps the deal will get cancelled in this turbulent subprime market
TMAClosedShort08/10/2007 01:4808/13/2007 11:1321.0114.2832.03% ------5.00 Owners
08/10/2007 01:48Comment: Could be a good short on subprime meltdown, owes a lot of debt that needs to be written down
DFCClosedShort08/07/2007 15:3408/09/2007 13:427.954.0349.31% --------- Owners
RASClosedBuy08/06/2007 04:5208/07/2007 09:416.637.6615.54% --------- Owners
08/06/2007 04:52Comment: short-term bounce candidate stock off 80% in days
AKAMClosedBuy08/01/2007 09:5710/12/2007 15:1833.6636.749.15% ------50.00 Owners
08/01/2007 09:57Comment: sold off way too cheap here
NTOLClosedBuy07/31/2007 10:5912/27/2007 11:013.804.3614.74% --------- Msg Owners
MClosedBuy07/30/2007 12:3712/27/2009 13:0736.5917.84-51.24% --------- Owners
08/07/2007 14:06Comment: Macys down still on general retailer weakness, but it's still a good buyout potential.
07/30/2007 12:37Comment: Macys rumored to be take-over target days ago at $43, now $36s feel like it's a steal imho
LOCMClosedBuy07/30/2007 12:2610/15/2007 00:007.086.90-2.54% ---10/15/200710.00 Owners
07/30/2007 12:26Comment: Third entry now on market weakness, i think company may start to see what kind of strength its patents hold, may seek licensing payments soon on the local patents.
VCLKClosedBuy07/30/2007 12:2310/12/2007 15:2021.0128.4635.46% ---10/20/200730.00 Owners
07/30/2007 12:23Comment: may head a bit lower but guidance wasn't that bad.  Feel right now the valuation is right for a major buyout imho, was rumored months ago and the stock took off to $35s. Any players like MSFT, YHOO, GOOG, may wish to solidify their online AD presence imho
NCSTClosedShort07/20/2007 13:0407/23/2007 10:465.844.1029.79% --------- Owners
07/30/2007 12:24Comment: Was a no brainer short on dodobird run
07/20/2007 13:04Comment: should consolidate
CAKEClosedBuy07/19/2007 17:5008/07/2007 14:0524.8826.707.32% ---09/28/200732.00 Owners
08/07/2007 14:05Comment: nice run-up on this very bad overall market condition, will try to get it back lower.
07/30/2007 12:24Comment: Earnings was quite good, sold some in my brokerage portfolio when it jumped $2 higher on earnings, now it's trading back down, but feel the company is riped for takeover my opininon only.
07/19/2007 17:50Comment: Cheesecake Factory will be next take-over restaurant stock after Applebees recent take-out, fair value should be $32 minimum, easy arb situation here, patience.
AETIClosedShort07/19/2007 15:5807/23/2007 10:1710.109.317.82% --------- Owners
07/30/2007 12:25Comment: Now trading in the $7s, didn't have the patience to hold a bit longer, but a gain is a gain.
07/19/2007 15:58Comment: run-up on dodobird
BWTRClosedShort07/18/2007 16:5807/19/2007 11:5012.7212.005.66% ------11.00 Owners
07/19/2007 11:51Comment: Another pop and fade stock from opening
07/18/2007 16:58Comment: short a few for daytrade only
NRMXClosedShort07/16/2007 15:5708/27/2007 14:155.933.7536.76% ------3.00 Owners
07/16/2007 15:57Comment: taken a short
LOCMClosedBuy07/16/2007 15:4107/17/2007 14:498.198.858.06% ------10.00 Owners
07/16/2007 15:41Comment: Re-Entry for bounce trade
LOCMClosedBuy07/10/2007 15:3407/11/2007 09:358.879.173.38% --------- Msg Owners
07/10/2007 15:34Comment: Buy low, sell high for trade, high was $13.80s two trading days ago, Don't get married to this stock, however, trade em!

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