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Portfolio - View Entries - Mitino2589   

User ID:Mitino2589 (Rep: 15)
Total Stock Gains:1976.86%
Average Stock Gains:58.14%
Average Annualized Return:6.88%
Homerun Pick (Highest Stock Gain):851.43%
Pick Accuracy (Win/Loss Ratio):91.18%
Last Updated:10/28/2009 23:51
Total Entries:42
Cancelled Orders:2
Portfolio Created:11 yrs ago
Portfolio Views:110908
Last 30 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%
Last 90 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%

SymbolStatusTypeBuy TimeSell TimeBuy/ShortSell/CoverGainEntry RangeTarget TimeTarget Price 
ZLCSActiveBuy08/14/2009 15:59---1.25--------------- Owners
ANDSActiveBuy07/30/2009 18:32---2.77--------------- Owners
07/30/2009 18:32Comment: huge news, easy buy for tomorrow
CTICActiveBuy06/30/2009 04:08---8.75--------------- Owners
06/30/2009 04:08Comment: big time news early this morning. will end higher than it opens guarenteed. dont buy on open though, wait for first dip then hop in.
CIGXActiveBuy06/19/2009 10:08---1.24--------------- Owners
06/19/2009 10:08Comment: going higher than i expected. We should see around 1.70 next week.
GNVCActiveBuy06/12/2009 13:19---9.40--------------- Owners
06/12/2009 13:19Comment: Now is the time.
HEBActiveBuy06/05/2009 13:01---2.73--------------- Owners
06/05/2009 13:01Comment: i bought this a couple days ago, im not sure why i didnt post it. oh well. If this gets approved by the FDA, gonna be some SERIOUS money
LJPCActiveBuy06/02/2009 16:22---0.39--------------- Owners
06/02/2009 16:22Comment: big time buy here.
ZZActiveBuy05/20/2009 14:44---3.35--------------- Owners
06/05/2009 12:58Comment: turns out the stock didnt suck. They issued rights to holders so we all actually made a very nice profit.
05/27/2009 01:35Comment: this stock sucks.
05/20/2009 14:48Comment: the 1.83 break comment was for a different stock. disregard that comment. This is on its turn and will rise from here on.
05/20/2009 14:44Comment: chart looks great. if it breaks 1.83, we see big bucks. Thanks Xman
HURNClosedBuy08/03/2009 09:2109/01/2009 01:3011.3018.5363.98% --------- Owners
08/03/2009 09:21Comment: wow... can u say gap to fill?
CIGXClosedBuy06/17/2009 09:5806/18/2009 12:331.131.2712.39% --------- Owners
06/17/2009 09:58Comment: HUGE gap to fill. EASY gain here guys.
VNDAClosedShort06/12/2009 20:5110/28/2009 23:5111.639.6117.37% --------- Owners
06/12/2009 20:51Comment: This and TTNP.PK are going to continue to drop until some big news comes out. I dont expect anything huge on VNDA, so easy 15-30% gain
HEBClosedBuy05/19/2009 01:0405/20/2009 15:011.441.7018.06% --------- Owners
05/19/2009 01:04Comment: here we go again... will rise from here till friday.
VGClosedBuy05/18/2009 10:1505/27/2009 01:380.490.514.08% --------- Owners
BEEClosedBuy05/18/2009 10:0305/22/2009 03:541.121.10-1.79% --------- Owners
05/22/2009 03:55Comment: i have no idea why the lion posted this buy at 1.12. i bought in to this at 1.04 that day. Anyone who bought this, i hope you sold on your own, i already sold it.
FASClosedBuy05/14/2009 10:4706/05/2009 13:029.2310.5914.73% --------- Owners
INTCClosedShort05/14/2009 03:4206/08/2009 17:5415.1616.19-6.79% --------- Owners
05/14/2009 03:42Comment: going to drop for quite some time.
SNEClosedShort05/14/2009 03:4106/22/2009 11:5025.8925.322.20% --------- Owners
05/14/2009 03:41Comment: horirble earnings
AMDClosedBuy05/14/2009 03:1705/27/2009 01:384.354.677.36% --------- Owners
05/14/2009 03:17Comment: Intel reports 1.65 billion fine in Europe and now the US is going to investigate. This is going to soar tomorrow for a nice day flip.
FClosedBuy05/13/2009 09:2006/05/2009 13:024.776.3833.75% --------- Owners
05/13/2009 09:20Comment: ran up too high too fast and now it sold off. Will rise back to where it was for a safe 20-30% gain. Safe to dump large amounts of money in.
OCNFClosedBuy05/12/2009 18:3805/20/2009 15:011.431.9334.97% --------- Owners
05/12/2009 18:38Comment: dropped after the spike, going back up from here. Should see $2.00 soon.
SQNMClosedBuy05/07/2009 01:4807/22/2009 00:423.604.7933.06% --------- Owners
05/14/2009 21:03Comment: Average down when you would like. I will post when i am averaging down. Patience will pay off with this one BIG time.
05/07/2009 01:48Comment: it might go lower, but im buying now. will buy more on way down if need be.
HEBClosedBuy05/06/2009 22:5005/11/2009 10:550.731.4395.89% --------- Owners
05/09/2009 09:08Comment: broke 52 week high with little to no resistance. Found hard resistance at 1.50. If it breaks it, which i think it will, $2 will come next.
05/07/2009 01:44Comment: im actually in at .55 i just forgot to enter it in. Its still a buy. will rise from here for next 2 weeks.
MNTGClosedBuy04/29/2009 02:3305/07/2009 00:341.852.3024.32% --------- Owners
HSKAClosedBuy04/28/2009 21:4206/10/2009 14:060.430.4913.95% --------- Owners
ADLSClosedBuy04/27/2009 23:1405/13/2009 13:490.430.6551.16% --------- Owners
05/08/2009 09:46Comment: loaded more today at .47 Only up from here for next 2-3 weeks.
05/08/2009 02:53Comment: It dipped hard due to trading on OTC, but it will rise from here for next 2-3 weeks. Should be EASY money

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