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Portfolio - View Entries - dreadknought40   

User ID:dreadknought40 (Rep: 251)
Total Stock Gains:1094.73%
Average Stock Gains:11.90%
Average Annualized Return:1.26%
Homerun Pick (Highest Stock Gain):141.57%
Pick Accuracy (Win/Loss Ratio):75.00%
Last Updated:01/29/2010 10:29
Total Entries:107
Cancelled Orders:7
Portfolio Created:13 yrs ago
Portfolio Views:167334
Last 30 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%
Last 90 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%

SymbolStatusTypeBuy TimeSell TimeBuy/ShortSell/CoverGainEntry RangeTarget TimeTarget Price 
PROVActiveBuy01/28/2010 15:53---3.48--------------- Owners
01/29/2010 10:29Comment: Sold half+ 3.60s, will keep rest on watch.
01/28/2010 15:53Comment: Bought low 3s early in day, turnaround on this low float bank.
SPUActiveBuy01/19/2010 09:03---6.00--------------- Owners
01/19/2010 09:25Comment: Will look for entry 6 or below, will add on weakness, small to start.
01/19/2010 09:03Comment: Speculative buy on earnings guidence
SYMXActiveBuy06/25/2009 15:47---1.23--------------- Owners
06/29/2009 10:06Comment: Sold half -.10, will watch rest.
06/26/2009 15:48Comment: seller on this, hope they finish up soon.
06/25/2009 15:47Comment: buying on sector interest
UNGActiveBuy05/27/2009 07:32---27.34--------------- Owners
06/23/2009 00:46Comment: back on watch for a trade low 13s again, roll it back.
06/15/2009 11:02Comment: Out half all my accumulated shares 15.30 again, rebuy low 13s again if it drops.
06/08/2009 08:08Comment: Watching to add back low 13s, no hurry.
05/28/2009 11:14Comment: Sold 1/3rd 14.60s +1, would re-add on dips. still have some core gaz, ung from previous trade
05/27/2009 19:34Comment: DD, might be early, think this will be a good summer trader.
05/27/2009 07:32Comment: started to accumulate again, will add slowly.
EEVActiveBuy10/28/2008 15:44---117.00--------------- Owners
05/27/2009 19:39Comment: Added a 2x lot low 20s, with divvy paid my average in 40s here, still way down.
03/19/2009 19:10Comment: PAID huge divvy which messed up my cost here, port. doesnt track divvidends.
01/06/2009 15:54Comment: Add tiny amount 44 here, first time ive added since last scalp in 70s.
11/11/2008 10:53Comment: Sold a few from 79 for 93, had 2 nice scalps, still holding a few to hedge.
11/10/2008 10:37Comment: Added back a few shares 79.
11/06/2008 15:59Comment: sold a few eev 103 from the 90 add, small lot.
10/30/2008 15:33Comment: Added a little at 90.
10/28/2008 15:44Comment: In a few for hedging
UYMActiveBuy10/24/2008 15:35---17.10--------------- Owners
05/27/2009 19:32Comment: Core holding for me after several scalps, $50 target in time.
02/03/2009 15:23Comment: Another nice scalp on some UYM from low 11s, core shares are maybe $4-5 cost now, wont reflect that in port. because it misses the scalps.
01/06/2009 10:19Comment: Out most 16.40, made 3+ average, kept a few for long-term.
12/08/2008 14:57Comment: Sold half the 10s--12s at 14 here, hold the rest.
12/05/2008 16:31Comment: Added small mid 10s this morning.
11/19/2008 14:49Comment: Added a few low 12
11/11/2008 15:22Comment: add back when it touched 17, easy to add to if need be.
11/04/2008 09:28Comment: Sold half 22.25 this morn. holding the rest.
10/24/2008 15:35Comment: started position
QLDActiveBuy10/14/2008 15:47---37.65--------------- Owners
11/04/2008 16:20Comment: Sold half at 37 on the rally, re-add if we pull back enough.
10/23/2008 20:35Comment: Added a few 28s to hold.
10/14/2008 15:47Comment: Restarted a few
RSUActiveBuy10/01/2008 15:04---43.90--------------- Owners
10/10/2008 23:16Comment: Added 26, way too early on this one to start it.
10/01/2008 15:04Comment: oversold index, imo, will add if 10% down.
KOLActiveBuy09/04/2008 15:24---37.16--------------- Owners
01/28/2009 08:05Comment: Added a few 13s yesterday average in the mid 20s though.
10/16/2008 19:04Comment: added 2x lot 17s, average around 23 now.
10/02/2008 15:58Comment: added more 25...
09/25/2008 12:32Comment: Re-add 32s again, dont mind holding as need be.
09/22/2008 13:10Comment: out half 37s here +5 on added shares, just over even on first shares.
09/09/2008 10:44Comment: added a few 32s here.
09/04/2008 15:24Comment: Carnage selling, started small will add each 10% down
TBTActiveBuy08/08/2008 15:32---68.14--------------- Owners
06/11/2009 09:46Comment: Out half here near 60, will re-add on weakness.
05/27/2009 16:32Comment: 46 Average overall, core position for me, holding till rates are normal again.
01/29/2009 14:44Comment: Near break even on this 46s,(50 avg) had added a few extra shares when I added.
12/18/2008 07:51Comment: Added 36, way too early to start buy bought tiny as always.
08/14/2008 12:20Comment: RRY another etf I like, bought at 60$, volume too low for port. pick so far.
08/08/2008 15:32Comment: Starting this for next interest rate up cycle, pst as well.
FXIActiveBuy08/05/2008 15:59---45.02--------------- Owners
10/13/2008 20:20Comment: Average around 35 here, should be great hold next year, imo.
10/10/2008 23:17Comment: Added a few 26s as well
08/18/2008 14:06Comment: First add- in 39s here.
08/07/2008 09:21Comment: Will add each 10% drop until I get a nice trading position built up, started real small shares for 1st entry here.
08/05/2008 15:59Comment: china due to rebound
ORSActiveBuy05/14/2008 14:44---31.56--------------- Msg Owners
06/30/2008 19:46Comment: Add more 1.30, added more sorl as well, china will bounce hard at some point out of this bear market.
05/27/2008 12:38Comment: Add 1.95, 3g phones coming this summer.
05/15/2008 00:17Comment: Comp. gave great guidence but stock is down,
ADLSActiveBuy03/26/2008 13:14---0.80--------------- Msg Owners
12/18/2008 07:59Comment: Added back some at .30.
04/10/2008 13:14Comment: Sold half today 1.50,  hold the rest for partner news.
03/26/2008 13:15Comment: Approved drug, partnership announcement soon.
UYGActiveBuy02/27/2008 15:05---362.60--------------- Msg Owners
03/18/2009 14:42Comment: FINALLY after many adds all the way to 1.50 trimmed some at 2.80, up +.40, watch the rest with a little faz here.
03/18/2009 14:40Comment: FINALLY
03/10/2009 15:27Comment: Continued adding 1.50-2.00, now largest position by shares, low 2s average cost.
02/20/2009 15:06Comment: ADDED several times around 2 here, real average low 3s with scalps now after terrible start.
12/05/2008 16:25Comment: Bought 1 june option 1.30 on dip below 4, and added to shares, average 12 on all not counting option.
11/19/2008 13:46Comment: Added at 5.
10/09/2008 13:36Comment: Added again low 10s, overall average around 14-15 now.
10/07/2008 15:14Comment: added 50 shares 12.50 here 2x my normal amount.
09/25/2008 18:16Comment: Added 19.10 before bailout deal, overall average mid 20s here with a few scalps on daytrades.
09/09/2008 08:33Comment: Sold half 25, average is around $30 on whats left now.
09/08/2008 08:26Comment: added 22.50 area ah friday, will sell some on gap up.
03/19/2008 16:39Comment: Sold some 30, will re-add 26 area if I can.
03/07/2008 14:16Comment: Add more 27,  31 average now.
03/05/2008 10:06Comment: Added a few 30.90, looking for 70-80 here couple years out.
02/28/2008 00:10Comment: Trading some etfs these days, will average in these if need be.
OBCIActiveBuy07/11/2007 11:17---2.44--------------- Msg Owners
10/12/2007 15:46Comment: Add 1.80 on
10/02/2007 12:22Comment: Makes ethanol additive products to protect boat engines, no press on this yet.
07/11/2007 11:17Comment: Speculative momo pick, not for everyone.
DEARClosedBuy01/20/2010 08:4901/21/2010 08:140.892.15141.57% --------- Owners
01/21/2010 09:17Comment: Sold rest 2.30 on large pop.
01/20/2010 13:17Comment: Out half low 2s here
01/20/2010 08:49Comment: Grabbed some at 1 on captilization levels and book value
FASClosedBuy07/06/2009 13:4607/09/2009 15:29208.5039.00-81.29% --------- Owners
07/06/2009 13:46Comment: looking for a nice bounce here
SKBIClosedBuy07/02/2009 14:1101/14/2010 09:4713.7511.47-16.58% --------- Owners
07/02/2009 14:11Comment: Started here 13.50s, gotten too cheap here on pullback, imo.
ADESClosedBuy06/25/2009 15:4601/13/2010 10:404.316.9461.02% --------- Owners
07/01/2009 11:41Comment: Added back a few at 4.
06/29/2009 10:05Comment: Down to just a few, sold more 4.80s, will watch to add back.
06/26/2009 15:47Comment: sold a few more at 5, +1.50, will watch partial for bill passage
06/25/2009 16:13Comment: Grabbed 3.50s, out 1/3rd 4.20, will re-add on weakness.
06/25/2009 15:46Comment: buying for clean coal tech, sector funding
ACFNClosedBuy06/25/2009 15:4501/13/2010 10:462.756.35130.91% --------- Owners
06/29/2009 10:07Comment: Sold half 2.90, didnt move much on passage, watch the rest.
06/25/2009 15:45Comment: buying for sector interest
ABCClosedShort06/15/2009 09:0006/16/2009 13:1236.3117.7951.01% --------- Owners
06/15/2009 09:00Comment: small short
ELNClosedBuy06/10/2009 15:4607/09/2009 15:337.927.17-9.47% --------- Owners
07/02/2009 11:09Comment: Nice deal with j@j , sold half +.50, watching the rest.
06/10/2009 16:12Comment: Going to use a quick mental stop here, not 1 to add to, imo.
06/10/2009 15:46Comment: Looking for a possible buy-out.
TIVOClosedShort06/03/2009 09:1506/16/2009 13:1210.9511.07-1.10% --------- Owners
06/08/2009 08:07Comment: Added 11, think this pans out ok intime.
06/03/2009 14:43Comment: Real time short low 10s, it dipped right at open, watching to add if it moves to 11s.
06/03/2009 09:15Comment: Small short on award bloat, may add 11 area.
GMCRClosedShort06/02/2009 07:2606/09/2009 08:0383.0062.1825.08% --------- Owners
06/02/2009 07:26Comment: Over bloated runner.
OCLSClosedShort05/27/2009 15:3706/01/2009 15:344.102.9727.56% --------- Owners
06/01/2009 14:57Comment: Covered rest 3.10, real time.
05/29/2009 10:49Comment: Covered half +1, stop on rest, may see 3 or less.
05/28/2009 11:12Comment: Average short price 4.80s, will pan out in time I think.
05/28/2009 09:44Comment: Added to short at 5.
05/27/2009 15:40Comment: Shorted a few 4.45s, might add 5s if need be.
05/27/2009 15:37Comment: over hyped on news here

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