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Portfolio - View Entries - supernova   

User ID:supernova (Rep: 0)
Total Stock Gains:11.44%
Average Stock Gains:0.57%
Average Annualized Return:0.06%
Homerun Pick (Highest Stock Gain):21.00%
Pick Accuracy (Win/Loss Ratio):70.00%
Last Updated:01/24/2008 15:30
Total Entries:22
Cancelled Orders:4
Portfolio Created:12 yrs ago
Portfolio Views:81309
Last 30 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%
Last 90 Days
Total Stock Gains:0.00%
Average Stock Gains:0.00%
Pick Accuracy:0.00%

SymbolStatusTypeBuy TimeSell TimeBuy/ShortSell/CoverGainEntry RangeTarget TimeTarget Price 
ABAXActiveBuy01/22/2008 15:33---35.13--------------- Owners
01/22/2008 15:33Comment: CMP testing with certificate of waiver sounds like a dream come true for any doctor's office
BPHXActiveBuy01/09/2008 10:08---17.94--------------- Owners
01/10/2008 15:43Comment: Entry point is bogus - site gave the closing price as entry
01/09/2008 10:08Comment: Looking for buying as word gets out to retailers and, of course, good E's again
ETFCClosedBuy01/23/2008 11:0701/24/2008 15:303.463.480.58% --------- Owners
01/23/2008 11:07Comment: Lionmaster's pick here ...
QIDClosedShort01/17/2008 15:1101/22/2008 16:5948.0253.31-11.02% --------- Owners
01/23/2008 11:03Comment: oops, this was a rather painful learning experience ...
WMTClosedBuy01/09/2008 15:1901/22/2008 17:0046.9049.345.20% --------- Owners
01/10/2008 15:42Comment: Entry point is bogus - site gave the closing price as entry
01/09/2008 15:19Comment: 4th times a charm ... same store sales play
AAPLClosedBuy01/09/2008 09:4901/22/2008 16:59179.40136.18-24.09% --------- Owners
01/23/2008 11:05Comment: Just got a copy of O'Neal's book on selling stocks short, makes perfect sense now but I didn't have the experience to regognize this for what it was until it was too late ...
01/10/2008 15:42Comment: Entry point is bogus - site gave the closing price as entry
01/09/2008 10:17Comment: Looking for some squeeze action on this market mover
WMTClosedBuy01/04/2008 15:0101/08/2008 15:5345.8046.481.48% --------- Owners
01/08/2008 15:52Comment: Taking what little I can get until market finds support
01/04/2008 15:01Comment: I must be sucker for punishment but I'm trying again here
AAPLClosedShort01/02/2008 10:5701/04/2008 15:00195.49180.057.90% --------- Owners
01/02/2008 10:57Comment: overpriced imo
WMTClosedBuy12/28/2007 15:2701/02/2008 12:5248.0847.05-2.14% --------- Owners
01/02/2008 12:52Comment: Sheesh, can't fight the market ... may get back in after tanking is done
12/28/2007 15:27Comment: Will hold until E's if necessary, truly belive that this retail giant is well overdue for pps growth
POTClosedBuy12/20/2007 12:5612/26/2007 15:40132.80143.417.99% --------- Owners
CFCClosedBuy12/13/2007 12:3601/22/2008 17:009.855.64-42.74% 9.75 to 10.00------ Owners
WMTClosedBuy12/11/2007 14:5812/20/2007 12:1349.0347.85-2.41% --------- Owners
12/11/2007 14:58Comment: save money, live better :)
CFCClosedBuy12/04/2007 10:3612/06/2007 15:5910.0012.1021.00% --------- Owners
12/04/2007 10:36Comment: If CFC has to be a dog then I'm calling it a circus dog
BLUDClosedBuy12/04/2007 10:3201/02/2008 12:5332.0934.517.54% --------- Owners
12/04/2007 10:32Comment: Re-entry after pullback
BPHXClosedBuy12/04/2007 10:3001/03/2008 14:0818.9419.734.17% --------- Owners
12/06/2007 09:20Comment: Can only think that shorting is to allow entry at lower pps for someone. Will hold until next earnings if necessary as institutions must be playing here with this kind of growth
12/04/2007 10:30Comment: Gaining positive momo again after recovery from vicious short attacks upon IBD100 listings in November
WCGClosedBuy11/23/2007 11:1011/29/2007 15:5438.9840.163.03% 38.50 to 39.50------ Owners
BLUDClosedBuy11/23/2007 11:0511/30/2007 14:5031.4633.175.44% 31.00 to 32.00------ Owners
11/23/2007 11:05Comment: Co. has nice earnings track record, hoping for full recovery after beat down from FTC investigation
PARLClosedBuy11/02/2007 15:2911/20/2007 15:513.994.379.52% 3.95 to 4.05------ Owners
11/02/2007 15:29Comment: Q2 earnings could show a small profit improving on breakeven for Q1
BPHXClosedBuy10/26/2007 11:1810/29/2007 14:2319.0121.4913.05% 18.90 to 19.05------ Owners
10/26/2007 11:18Comment: earnings play
UNGClosedBuy10/25/2007 13:5811/29/2007 15:5439.9336.81-7.81% 39.90 to 40.05------ Owners
11/29/2007 15:57Comment: AKA "The House of Pain" - too tricky to properly time without X-ray specs
10/27/2007 10:46Comment: Colder weather is closing in
MRBClosedBuy10/10/2007 11:0710/17/2007 14:185.065.365.93% 4.90 to 5.10------ Owners
NGENClosedShort10/10/2007 11:0310/11/2007 15:541.020.938.82% 1.00 to 1.05------ Owners

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