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Wall Street PitXBIOChart with notes target $4.50 on the $3 break has doubled in EVERY low float ...theMagician10/18/2018 12:32
Wall Street PitOHRPOHRP accumulate 21c NEW TOP PLAY bio after TTNP eomtheMagician10/18/2018 12:22
New Political...Re: Farmers say theyre having trouble hiring enough people to work during har...deaconmike10/18/2018 12:05
New Political...Re: Re:probably one of the stupidest ideas he has had , although we know its ...deaconmike10/18/2018 12:03
Wall Street PitCLDX$CLDX .45-- .44--Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.......Chart eomspeculator10/18/2018 11:40
BIO-PATH HOLD...BPTH$BPTH .55-- .50 added-- .53--Bio-Path Holdings, Inc....In on Dip.......... eomspeculator10/18/2018 11:35
New Political...And when you keep poking the bear, this is what happens,,deaconmike10/18/2018 11:20
Wall Street PitAMCNAMCN news missed by mkt on friday chairman buying 11m shares https://finance....theMagician10/18/2018 11:18
AirMedia Grou...AMCNRe: This 20F form clears the disclosure clause, now he can LOAD his $5M share...theMagician10/18/2018 11:16
New Political...Senators Demand President Trump Disclose Saudi Business Tiesholland5510/18/2018 11:07
Wall Street PitCPHILiar liar pants on fire hahab just kidding e: CPHI AHHH Was looking at this o...singhtelecom10/18/2018 10:47
Wall Street PitCLDX$CLDX .44--Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.......Chartspeculator10/18/2018 10:39
Wall Street PitCAASCAAS...3.00...starting to move...China Automotive System low floater! eomTraderGreenspan10/18/2018 10:18
Wall Street PitRENN$RENN $1.72-- $1.55--Renren Inc.....China- Tiny 1.9Mil Float...Chart eomspeculator10/18/2018 10:13
Pinks and BBRe: wild swings on very little volume..............TraderGreenspan10/18/2018 10:12
Wall Street PitSPI32c break target 50c chinatheMagician10/18/2018 10:08
Wall Street PitRENN$RENN $1.64-- $1.55--Renren Inc.....China- Tiny 1.9Mil Float...Chart eomspeculator10/18/2018 10:01
Wall Street PitNDRA$NDRA not going to be at these prices for long. $VKTX $MDGL..NDRA will be vi...Superman10/18/2018 09:58
Wall Street PitRENN$RENN $1.55--Renren Inc.....China- Tiny 1.9Mil Float...Chartspeculator10/18/2018 09:54
Wall Street PitOHRPALERT OHRP 22c for move to 28c-31c my next top bio penny merger news due eomtheMagician10/18/2018 09:52
Wall Street PitTTNProck bottom monsters daily TTNP ATAI eomtheMagician10/18/2018 09:51
Wall Street PitPETZGiddy Up eomEPR5316710/18/2018 09:42
New Political...Re: common sense gets thrown out the window sometimes when ones is drunk of K...deaconmike10/18/2018 09:42
AtaATAIRe: ATAI long this chart china low float can see $3 on a squeeze eomtheMagician10/18/2018 09:37
Pinks and BBwild swings on very little volume.............. eomcrainiac10/18/2018 09:36
Endocyte, Inc.ECYTDo you still have these? since my strong pounding at $1.50. eomsinghtelecom10/18/2018 06:48
Wall Street PitECYT) announced that it has entered into an agreement and plan of merger with Nov...singhtelecom10/18/2018 06:36
Wall Street PitREEDDecent action today on light volume eomEPR5316710/17/2018 16:00
Wall Street PitTTNPTTNP RSI and stochastics BUY SIGNALS just triggeredtheMagician10/17/2018 15:32
Wall Street PitTTNPTTNP RARE is it that u see INSIDERS on a penny stocky buy 1.7 MILLION shares ...theMagician10/17/2018 15:28
Wall Street PitTTNPTTNP under 25c is like buying FLKS at 45c b4 it tripled, AGRX at 25c before i...theMagician10/17/2018 15:25
Wall Street Pitone can play LOTS of stocks in this tape, I play 10-15 at a time waiting for ...theMagician10/17/2018 15:21
Wall Street PitINPXRe: Abandoning ATAI huh...You might regret my friend...Re: INPX 1 hours chart...theMagician10/17/2018 15:20
Wall Street PitTTNPmy TOP swing play is $TTNP adding 22c GO TIME on 5 day chart eomtheMagician10/17/2018 15:20
Wall Street PitINPXINPX 1 hours chart 50c magnet 26c breaktheMagician10/17/2018 15:11
Wall Street PitINPXadding INPX on MOSY run for 30c-50c into afterhours eomtheMagician10/17/2018 15:09
Wall Street PitPETZFirst legit bounce after a brutal selloff and coming with earns due in 2 week...EPR5316710/17/2018 14:15
Wall Street PitSSLJSSLJ warming up for $1's eomtheMagician10/17/2018 14:00
Wall Street PitDELTCADC target hit TKAT same YECO same - NEXT is DELT and ATAI both going for $...theMagician10/17/2018 13:58
Wall Street PitDELTDELT $1.50 then $3 target on squeezetheMagician10/17/2018 13:51 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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