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New Political...How pathetic is this??,,,,,,,,deaconmike08/18/2018 14:06
Wall Street PitOPKMark Cuban is Short linksinghtelecom08/18/2018 09:27
Wall Street PitFDCWhat is cooking ? 3,000 September 26 calls bought for 0.20 to 0.26 above open...singhtelecom08/18/2018 07:37
Wall Street PitTEVA3,700 October 24 calls bought for 1.22 to 1.55 eomsinghtelecom08/18/2018 06:28
Wall Street PitCOTY5,000 January 14 calls bought in one print for 0.56 above open interest of 1,...singhtelecom08/18/2018 06:24
Wall Street PitPSTGBullish option flow detected in Pure Storage with 2,455 calls trading, 1.1x e...singhtelecom08/17/2018 23:36
Wall Street PitAAPLYou should be SUPER GURU . btw instead of August 17, I got AUGUSt 24th strike...singhtelecom08/17/2018 23:28
New Political...I thought the press/media wasn't the enemy??deaconmike08/17/2018 20:38
New Political...Re: Southwest Airlines allows miniature horses on planes? deaconmike08/17/2018 20:33
Pinks and BBYeah, today made my weekend!...Re: What a Great Day!!! Beautiful! Everyone h...crainiac08/17/2018 16:12
Wall Street PitRKDAGrabbed a few shares $6.25 near close on pullback ahead of soon-to-come firew...EPR5316708/17/2018 16:01
Pinks and BBWhat you were going to season them with?..LOL..Re: It touched 6.75 for about ...crainiac08/17/2018 15:47
Wall Street PitSBOTSBOT looks ready, long for this breakout $1.65+ on chart near term eomtheMagician08/17/2018 15:25
Pinks and BBon the way to $7........... eomcrainiac08/17/2018 15:05
Pinks and BBalmost up a buck today.... eomcrainiac08/17/2018 14:47
Wall Street PitRKDAGiddy-Up eomEPR5316708/17/2018 14:26
Wall Street PitSPYRe: What's that? August #1 month for stock buybacks eombucyrus08/17/2018 14:11
Wall Street PitRKDAIf I was part of the 30% short of the 1.4mm sh. float and I looked at the cha...EPR5316708/17/2018 14:05
Wall Street PitRFILgreat numbers and guidance + 5G element eomSuperman08/17/2018 13:44
Wall Street Pitthis recent hot cybersecurity IPO could have nice run through QP expiration eomSuperman08/17/2018 13:43
Wall Street PitNDRA$NDRA new video on how they will solve NAFLD NASH on the front end Superman08/17/2018 13:42
ARCADIA BIOSC...RKDARe: chart with notes its going to be one of those GIANT runners for $10 near ...theMagician08/17/2018 12:53
Wall Street PitAYTUAYTU the CLEANEST post split set up since I found RKDA at $4.75 and it ran to...theMagician08/17/2018 12:52
Wall Street PitAYTUALL ingredients for one of those stupid runs soon - load and wait for it to g...theMagician08/17/2018 12:38
Wall Street PitRKDANice morning - should be double digits so still LONG ways to go. Gotta walk b...EPR5316708/17/2018 12:11
Wall Street PitAYTU$6.60 cash per share post split bio, float is around 1.2m = probably the BEST...theMagician08/17/2018 12:08
Pinks and BBrun to 7 eod could happen....Re: Starting to trade like a stock with a locked...crainiac08/17/2018 11:34
Pinks and BBLOL....Re: If this thing doesn't hit 6.75 near term, I will eat my shorts! A...crainiac08/17/2018 10:59
Pinks and BB6.35............. eomcrainiac08/17/2018 10:56
Wall Street PitNDRARe: your thoughts on limited cash at hand ?Superman08/17/2018 10:38
Wall Street PitZOESCAVA to acquire Zoe's Kitchen for $300 million eombucyrus08/17/2018 10:32
Wall Street PitNDRAwithin the month $NDRA potentially will be the equivalent of a NASH drug comp...Superman08/17/2018 10:30
Wall Street PitRKDAPretty nice work the last several days - if any volume shows up could take a ...EPR5316708/17/2018 10:27
Pinks and BBso either way, its a win-win, imo.... eomcrainiac08/17/2018 10:19
Pinks and BBor if they don't re-price Charlotte's Web, it will have a monster IPO day and...crainiac08/17/2018 10:17
Pinks and BBI was thinking the same. They are going to have to re-price Charlotte's Web. ...crainiac08/17/2018 10:14
Wall Street PitTIK$TIK $5.30-- $2.90-- $2.70--Tel-Instrument....Tiny Float 1.42 Million...A... eomspeculator08/17/2018 10:10
Wall Street Pit$TMDI $2.01 added-- $1.95--Titan Medical Inc.....Low Float.......Chart eomspeculator08/17/2018 10:05
Apple ComputerAAPLholy cowwwwwwww Re: AAPL Aug 17 2018 215 Call .11 just in cases eomsinghtelecom08/17/2018 09:51
Pinks and BBwill be @ $10 at next Q earnings... eomcrainiac08/17/2018 09:51 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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