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Wall Street PitTRVNPDUFA 08/07 cash 28 MIL MKT cap 130 MILL singhtelecom05/24/2020 06:26
Wall Street PitQ: Where will an infectious disease cause the most damage ?alfie05/24/2020 03:10
Wall Street PitRe: FACTS- Coronavirus Deaths alfie05/24/2020 02:55
Wall Street PitI would suggest a group hug but that probably would result in more bodily har...holland5505/23/2020 22:10
Wall Street PitRe: FACTS- Coronavirus Deaths alfie05/23/2020 16:23
Wall Street PitDDOGRe: good tech for the price, compared to splunk and others. Re: 1,500 June $7...alfie05/23/2020 16:16
Wall Street PitRe: FACTS- Coronavirus Deaths alfie05/23/2020 15:59
Wall Street PitCLBSRe: next week we be over $3.00 folks...2.15 a/h big buyer of (October 16) $5 ...SunTzu77205/23/2020 14:38
Wall Street PitHTZRe: ah its official , guess Im glad I could not sell my puts now . down big...deaconmike05/23/2020 11:30
Wall Street PitRe: thats like .004% and that number died with not from, we already know that...alfie05/23/2020 11:03
ChemoCentryx,...CCXIBid 27.00 Re: 1,500 August $36 callsr $11.00. Also seeing a 1 x 2 put spread ...singhtelecom05/23/2020 10:10
Wall Street PitACADACADIA Pharmaceuticals to Present Pimavanserin Clinical Data at the 2020 Amer...singhtelecom05/23/2020 10:03
Wall Street PitHedge fund positioning in healthcare stocks reached a record 10 percentage po...crainiac05/23/2020 09:18
Wall Street Pit1 person in 23,000 on the planet has died from the virus. You really need to ...alfie05/23/2020 08:40
Wall Street PitHTZRe: down big in the A/H , wish I could cover here .alfie05/23/2020 05:56
Wall Street PitSIG7,000 June $12 calls bought in a sweep for about $0.90. Signet Jewelers typic...singhtelecom05/23/2020 05:01
Wall Street PitLION- 6,000 July $15 calls bought this afternoon for $1.15. This will become one ...singhtelecom05/23/2020 05:00
Wall Street PitDDOG1,500 June $75 calls bought for $4.05 3,800 June $80 calls bought for $2.45singhtelecom05/23/2020 04:58
Wall Street PitVNO5,000 September $30 puts bought for $2.70 and 5,000 July $30 puts bought for ...singhtelecom05/23/2020 04:56
Wall Street PitFEYE11,000 May 29th $12 calls bought for about $0.37. On Wednesday, traders bough...singhtelecom05/23/2020 04:55
8x8EGHT4,000 June $17.50 calls being bought for $1.15Re: 20,000 June $17.50 calls bo...singhtelecom05/23/2020 04:53
Wall Street PitURGNTrader sold 500 November $22.50 puts to buy 500 of the $25/$35 call spreads....singhtelecom05/23/2020 00:01
Wall Street PitEVFMWhy didn't it move during regular hours. I saw on twitter around 30 minutes b...singhtelecom05/22/2020 23:54
Wall Street PitPatrick Ewing has Covid-19..... eomcrainiac05/22/2020 22:54
New Political...Re: voter fraud is wrong no matter what party does it. It quite obvious the l...deaconmike05/22/2020 20:51
AquaBounty Te...AQB$AQB $2.70-- $1.77--AquaBounty-The Worlds Most Sustainable Salmon......Chart eomspeculator05/22/2020 17:55
Okta, Inc.OKTARe: Bought some today 185. Earnings in 9 days it keeps making all time highsalfie05/22/2020 16:01
Wall Street PitTLRYover 41M shares traded today, one to watch in ah.... eomcrainiac05/22/2020 15:51
Wall Street PitBarron's saying that daytrading has replaced sports betting.... eomcrainiac05/22/2020 15:31
Wall Street PitBGFVDay high, e's next week eombobk05/22/2020 15:18
Wall Street PitRe: I will continue to accumulate the shorts have not convinced me, although ...bucyrus05/22/2020 15:13
Wall Street PitTLRYrun to close getting started..... eomcrainiac05/22/2020 15:11
Pinks and BBPot/CBD stocks across the entire board including OTCs...WOW! eomcrainiac05/22/2020 15:02
Wall Street PitPot/CBD stocks across the entire board including OTCs...WOW! eomcrainiac05/22/2020 15:02
Wall Street PitTMBRNot sure what caused all the crazy gyrations earlier but Tuesday will definit...EPR5316705/22/2020 14:56
Wall Street PitRe: just as a double check.. if a company is to pay divi to the common stock ...bucyrus05/22/2020 14:54
Wall Street PitRe: Billion+ dollar hedge fund founders must have their reasons.SunTzu77205/22/2020 15:07
Wall Street PitTLRYrun to the close....... eomcrainiac05/22/2020 14:01
Wall Street PitYCBDCBD play with stellar earnings last quarter eomcrainiac05/22/2020 13:52
Wall Street PitTLRYheading for 11 now. WATCH POT PLAYS eomcrainiac05/22/2020 13:42 | About Us | Agreement & Disclaimer | Privacy | Twitter
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